The Only Constant Is Change

The world is an exciting place, now more than ever before. Geographic boundaries are crumbling, and local companies are being given more opportunities to compete and deliver on a global stage. With this in our minds, we are both sad and proud to annouce co-workers Gerry Patenaude and Jordan Wende have decided to join forces and pursue some of these opportunities out on their own, with a brand new creative company. (We’ll let you know the name as soon as they know it!)

We see this as great news! In these times it is more important than ever that a business community has a depth of talent, strategic partnerships and good relationships.

For us it’s an opportunity to recruit another world-class talent (alongside the supremely talented Karen Johnson) who can bring a fresh creative outlook to our team. But it’s also an opportunity for us to have creative friends (Gerry and Jordan) we can call on at any time.

While obviously we will miss them being in the office every day, we’re confident that we will continue to work together and can’t wait to see the creative community in Nanaimo continue to grow.

We’re happy to encourage and support Gerry and Jordan in their decision, and look forward to sharing a beer or ten in the future! Good luck guys!