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September 4, 2013
Why is Brand Development & Strategy Important?
Graphic Design

In order to understand why brand development is important we must first understand what a brand is. A brand is essentially the way the consumer perceives your company on any/all levels and is made up of three main components: brand identity, visual identity and brand trust.

Brand Identity is the name, visual appearance (logo, stationery, etc) and external communication of how the company is to be perceived by the consumer. All elements of the brand identity need to flow seamlessly in order to be effectively communicating and connecting to the consumer.

Visual Identity is the look or design of all external communications. Consistency in use of colour, fonts, branded graphical elements, photography standards, web presence etc are what give a brand strength, credibility and consumer recognition and are to be a true representation of the core qualities/messages of the company.

Brand Trust is the intangible part of the brand. This is the behavior, action and personality that the brand evokes. Brand trust is built when a consistent message is communicated to the consumer on all levels. From the company name, graphic standards (colour, fonts, logo usage) and the language that is used in advertisements to the way staff answer the phone and interacts with the consumer through any touch-points. The consumer can essentially trust a company based on the consistent brand experience on all levels.

So with this information in mind, we can see that the key to an effective brand is consistency based on a solid foundation of brand development. Start from the ground up: naming, logo, tag line and positioning statement, fonts, colours, graphical elements, brand voice, and so on. If you want to build a solid foundation for your brand Array wants to work with you. Array is a full-service creative and web agency with a passion for brand development. We pride ourselves on building long-term, fully committed relationships. Our internationally award-winning creative team is experienced in developing brands that work effectively.

Interested in the branding process? Reach out today!