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September 6, 2013
Web Trends Explained: Responsive Design

Have you ever tried to use one of your favourite websites from your smart phone, and found yourself constantly zooming and scrolling around to read it? Was it impossible to click links? Or maybe the site was so broken you couldn’t use it at all? There is a solution, and you may have heard of it: Responsive Design.

Mobile Device Use on the Rise
As mobile device use continues to rise, now at an average of 17% worldwide, business owners must pay attention to how friendly their website is for iPhones and tablets, as well as large screen desktop computers. If your website isn’t quick and easy to navigate from a mobile device, you may have just lost a sale. A properly optimized mobile website is swiftly become a necessity instead of an option.

What Makes a Website “Responsive” and Why Does it Help?

  • Simply put, a responsive website resizes and adjusts on the fly, adapting to the device size a person is using to view it.
    On a mobile phone, the website may reduce the size of graphics, and increase the size of text and buttons, making them easier to tap. The width of the website will shrink down to fit comfortably within the phone’s small viewing window.
  • Desktop sites will still see the full, graphical, desktop website.
  • Tablets might view something in between – some larger buttons, with the overall feel of the desktop site remaining intact.

Examples of “Responsive” Design
Open any of the sites below on your mobile phone or desktop to see the difference. You can also see the Responsive design in action by dragging the corner of your browser window to resize.

Some of Array’s Responsive Designs:

Responsive Design Galleries:

Wrapping It Up
Test how your own website performs across different devices with this handy tool: If you would like more information on responsive websites, please feel free to contact us with your questions by phone – 250.591.2277, or email – You can also use the Contact Form on this website by clicking “Contact” in the navigation above!