October 2013 - Array | Marketing Agency, Graphic Design, Web Design

Glacier Way: New Townhouse Development Website

Oct 16, 2013
We recently launched a simple but sweet website for Glacier Way Townhomes here in Nanaimo. This project started from the ground up with branding, signage, collateral, and the website. Glacier Way’s website is pretty...
By: Sarah Bromley Category: Website Launch

What’s Trending – Google Changes Search: “Hummingbird” and What it Means to You

Oct 8, 2013
Are you among the 70% of people who use Google to surf the internet? If you haven’t already heard, Google just announced a complete overhaulof their search algorithm (the system they use to rank...
By: Ian Reid Category: Articles

The 7th Annual State of the Island Economic Summit

Oct 8, 2013
Putt for Whisky at the VIEA Summit Tradeshow! The 7th Annual Vancouver Island Economic Summit is taking place this year on October 29th and 30th, and Array Web + Creative is proud to be...
By: Kristina Crowson Category: Articles

Sneak Peak: Nanaimo Region Rail Trail Brand Design & Strategy

Oct 7, 2013
The logo we designed for the Nanaimo Region Rail Trail was created from a need to blend west coast ease, activity and community with a crisp, clean corporate appeal. We crafted the lettering by...
By: Karen Johnson Category: Graphic Design

Sneak Peak: Rockwood Heights Brochure Design

Oct 1, 2013
Here’s a little sneak peak at a brochure we are finishing for The Bluffs at Rockwood Heights! What do you think?
By: Karen Johnson Category: Graphic Design
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