Nanaimo Region Rail Trail – New Community Initiative Website Launch

Wow! We are so happy to see this project launch for the Nanaimo Region Rail Trail, as it is a cause we 100% support – and we think you should too! The non-profit’s aim is to extend the E&N trail through the entire city of Nanaimo, encouraging more people to walk or bike to work, and improving recreational access. Let’s go straight to the screen shots, and you can hop to the explanation below.

Try Out the Website:

This fully responsive website was a joint design project between Jordan and Alex. We really encourage you to visit the site yourself, as it is highly interactive, both on the home page and on the Trail Map. The home page animates as you scroll, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to ride on the trail! The Trail Map is a fully interactive Google Map, with each segment of the proposed trail marked out and clickable, allowing you to learn more about each segment.

We hope you take a moment to learn about the project, and continue supporting it either as a business or individual. The environmental, health, and tourism benefits of this trail are beneficial for everybody in the region!