Website Launch – Microthalassia

Who likes tentacles?

If you said “ME,” you should definitely take a browse through the new site for Microthalassia, launched late last week.

Nicky and the team at Microthalassia are Marine Phytoplankton specialists. They monitor the coastline, analyzing algae and water samples, and teach others how to do it as well.

“Current projects involve harmful algae bloom (HAB) species that can cause fish kills in aquaculture operations and wild stocks, and species of concern to shellfish harvesters, including those that impact human health due to shellfish poisoning syndromes (“red tide”). We have managed the Harmful Algae Monitoring Program (HAMP), working with the salmon farmers of BC on the monitoring, management, and mitigation of HABs, since 1999. Microthalassia also provides education in water sampling, sample analysis and identification of marine phytoplankton.”

The tentacles can be found in the Video Gallery. I admit, I watched all the videos! Who knew swimming cells could be so fascinating!