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July 14, 2014
In The Media: Feature In Douglas Magazine

We are proud to have the opportunity to be featured in Douglas Magazine. A premier publication on South Vancouver Island, Douglas covers topics related to innovation, leadership, business culture and lifestyle. In their June/July 2014 issue, our president Kristina, along with other creative industry leaders, spoke about how their ability to strategize through change is the key to success.

As Kristina has been involved in the industry for over five years, she observed that “[w]ebsites have gone from being glorified online business cards to being more of a tool and a key driver for business.” In the recent past, websites served as merely a quick introduction. However, the way that people are using the Web is ever-changing; users are doing more online research and want to have quick and easy access to a repository of relevant information. Many people decide if they want to do business with a company just from its website, making branding and a quality website more important than ever. Keeping on top of industry trends is integral for any company in the technology sector to have staying power.

A top-notch website doesn’t always cut it, though. Not only do you need to make a quick, but lasting impression on prospective clients, but those clients need to be able to find you. Kristina noted that “the component of search engine optimization and search engine marketing has really evolved and taken off over the last few years.” Google and other search engines are great tools for users, serving as virtual sifters and bringing to the forefront the websites it has determined to be most relevant. However, if the work hasn’t been done, a website can quietly slip through the holes and be buried under pages of search results.

Take a read through the full article “Agility: The Key to Success” below in the handy digital copy of Douglas Magazine. It’s a tad small, click the Fullscreen button in the bottom center of the magazine frame for easier readability!