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July 28, 2014
Website Launch – Ditidaht First Nations
Website Launch

This year has been full of website launches here at Array, from Microthalassia and Meritus Trust, to Classic Kitchens and IGNITE Sports Academy. Of course we are proud and grateful for all of the work we do, but a website is akin to a child, and seeing it venture out into the world is an exceptionally gratifying experience. A website project comes to us as a nucleus of ideas, and requires a vast amount of care and attention, often over a period of at least a few months. We love seeing it grow and come to fruition, and to then introduce it to the world!

Don’t forget that like a child, you don’t want to shove your website out the proverbial door and leave it to get tangled out there in the Web! Updating your website regularly and implementing coordinating strategies such as SEO & SEM can help your website mature and succeed.

Our newest baby is a website for Ditidaht First Nations. We had worked with Ditidaht previously on a website and branding for The West Coast Trail, which included an e-commerce component. For their homepage, Ditidaht was looking for a redesign of their existing website, along with a secure member portal.

The new website design is refreshing and reliable, inspired by clean water and nature. The Ditidaht people also have a rich history that is fascinating to read about. Check it out for yourself at