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July 30, 2014
An Important Announcement From Array Web + Creative
Array Fam

Over the past five years, the team at Array Web + Creative has endeavored to establish ourselves as a leader in the local technology and design industry. Our dedicated core team is focused on establishing and building relationships, and developing better solutions for our clients, which has resulted in steady and continued company growth.

We have had the unique opportunity to create the majority of these solutions in-house, thanks to our progressive technical team and award-winning designers. We developed our proprietary content management system, EVO, which offers clients the flexibility they need to keep their online presence current, while allowing our inventive programmers total control to build more complex systems. Since our inception in 2009, we have crafted over 350 websites, each customized and unique to our clients. It has been a gratifying experience to work with every client, starting from a blank canvas, and giving the creative team the inspiration and freedom to produce a work of art.

We have been fortunate to bring Kristina Crowson and Sarah Bromley on board, whose dedication, passion and collaborative efforts have helped shaped Array Web + Creative into what it is today. They have worked relentlessly to create and refine the design and development process, establish core company values and practices, select and retain talented staff, and provide sound leadership.

Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, Ian and I are pleased to announce our new tech start-up, Red Scotch Software Inc. a development company purely focused on the production and delivery of online cloud-based software solutions. Since February of this year, this venture has been our primary focus, and, while we will still remain shareholders, we have stepped back from being involved in the daily operations of Array.

We are proud to hand over the business of Array Web + Creative, appointing Kristina as President, and Sarah Bromley as Technical Director. We are confident that the company will continue to flourish and grow in their capable hands. Their joint focus on engendering deep client relationships and providing timely, innovative services can only bring them continued success.

As we move forward, Ian and I would like to express our deep appreciation for the enduring support over these last five years, and the relationships that have developed from this incredible experience.