Brand new Website Launch – Omboys

The OMBOYS clothing line is the pet project of Jesse Jeans of Guava Apparel. OMBOYS is focused on RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) and raising awareness for Crohns, Colitis & IBS. The popularity of their apparel started to soar, but it was only sold locally through Guava. OMBOYS was looking to develop a cohesive online presence, as well as e-commerce functionality so that it could start selling their clothing worldwide!

As one of our first WordPress sites, we kept the website simplistic, and focused on their spectacular photography, especially on the home page. Also, they have a pretty huge following on Instagram, which called for us to feed in the photos at the bottom of the website.

Everyone in our office kind of adores their gear, even getting a few pieces for themselves! Find something you’ll love!