A Fun September Weekend of All the Sports

Again this year, we took part in YPN’s annual All Sport Challenge! We took part last year, as well, and had such an awesome time, we knew we definitely wanted to do it again.

The YPN All Sport Challenge took place on Sept. 18th & 19th, and has a pretty self-explanatory event title – a fun weekend filled with all sorts of team sports. The challenge comes in competing against other local teams, and – maybe the biggest challenge – making it through the full day!

This year, we took part in the opening bowling night on Friday. Saturday consisted of volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee AND whiffle ball, followed up by a pulled pork sandwich dinner.

We’d like to thank Tim for ITS Photography for capturing the images of all the action happening on the weekend. He got a couple great team shots, as well as some of us playing ultimate frisbee and whiffle ball! You can check out the whole album of the entire event on his Facebook page.