Website Redesign & Copywriting For Westmark Construction

Westmark Construction is a well-established residential and construction firm here in Nanaimo. They had recently gotten a new website, but they were looking for something to have a larger impact on their clientele and SEO rankings. As well, they wanted to more accurately highlight their vast industry experience.

Over the course of a few months – while involving nearly every member of our team! – we worked restructuring their information architecture and a complete visual redesign by our design team.

This also called for a ground-up rewrite of their website copy, which was done in-house by our digital content coordinator and focused on incorporating relevant, targeted keywords.

After design and content had been finalized, the project moved on to our technical team, who developed the website on WordPress. They focused on ensuring the most relevant content was front-and-center and flowed smoothly when responding to different screen sizes.

Check it out at!