The Story Behind Array’s Inspirational Office Posters

At Array, we like to call ourselves a family of curious and innovative thinkers. And like any family, we thrive in an environment that inspires creativity, knowledge sharing and – most importantly – collaboration!

That’s why we decorated our downtown Nanaimo office with custom inspirational posters to help our us all remember the stuff that really matters! We developed these in-house with the help of our talented design team, picking inspirational quotes that resonated with each of us and using custom calligraphy by Karen, Jordan and Robin.

As leaders in our field, each member of the Array team applies tremendous passion to their craft, backed by our shared intention of positively impacting the world we live in. We hope that in the same way that these posters motivate us to bring our best to everything we do, you too feel inspired to think differently about how we do business in our community!

What is important to your team? 🙂