Success Story: Evoking Passion For Hazelwood Herb Farm

Nestled among woodlands and pastures in on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Hazelwood Herb Farm grows culinary, cosmetic, therapeutic and organic herbs. As a local favourite on the Cedar Yellow Point Artisan trail, the farm is well known by its long-time patrons who regularly stock up on their herbal remedies. However, when faced with the challenge of attracting new customers to the farm, Hazelwood’s owner, Barb, knew it was time to take a critical look at her web presence.


For the team at Hazelwood Herb Farm, growing herbs is a lifestyle – and they love to share their passion! But in a world where a business’s first impression is often given through its website, the heart and soul of Hazelwood was getting lost in a very dated web design that lacked effective user flow. This was clearly having a negative effort on the farm’s ability to generate business online, especially with today’s web-friendly consumers.

Keeping in mind Barb’s goal of attracting more eco-tourists for farm tours and teas, we were able to keep the scope of the project small to accommodate her budget while still finding innovative ways to evoke the strong sensory experience that Hazelwood Herb Farm’s patrons know and love. Our design team incorporated floral elements on the edges of the page that overlap the content area to make the experience feel immersive and multidimensional.

Since completing this project, Hazelwood Herb Farm reported a considerable increase in the bookings they receive, as well as a broadened customer base! We look forward to collaborating with Barb and her team on other projects down the road as the farm continues to grow.

Take a look at the new Hazelwood Herb Farm website and let us know what you think!