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August 17, 2018
Digital Marketing News – Agency Mergers & Why We Do Everything In-House
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Over the past few months, we’ve been noticing a trend – smaller, more specialized creative and marketing businesses uniting to form larger, full-service digital agencies. These mergers appear to be a response to the demands of the market, and the ever-changing landscape of marketing, especially within the digital realm.

The merger between 6S Marketing and Drive Digital announced just this past month is kind of a big deal. Although they’d been partnering for a while – even working in the same space together – they hadn’t yet taken the hammer to that metaphorical wall keeping them separated. If you want to know more, here’s one of the articles we read.

Both of these companies have been inspirations to the Array team. We have greatly admired the quality of their work and their innovative ideas. And while we haven’t actually met them, we got the sense that they are pretty awesome people.

The digital marketing game is changing

Now, these partner companies have joined forces to form Major Tom – “a full-service digital consultancy that marries strategic insight with impeccable execution”, according to 6S’s website. In an industry that is constantly in flux, Major Tom is looking to change the game even more, becoming what they term “next iteration of digital marketing – an agency 2.0 if you will”.


More and more, people are looking for that one-stop-shop. It’s a lot of work assembling a crew, and it takes time to keep them all apprised of your brand story and trajectory. Not only are you the client, but you become the project manager, too. Of course, you can do that – pluck a graphic designer here, a website developer there, then maybe throw in a marketer – but why? An agency gives you a whole team of experts – including a marketing consultant and strategist – under one roof who are all on the same page.

Here’s why we do it:

Frankly, we believe it gets better results. A cohesive team gets you a more cohesive product. We ensure that your brand message isn’t diluted, and is communicated with strength and clarity. Multiple eyes on the product means more ideas from multiple perspectives with less chance for error. You get a whole team behind you working towards a singular goal.

At the heart of it all, brands, website, social media, content, ads, etc, are pieces of a larger marketing puzzle. And at its core, what makes marketing successful is a thoughtful strategy. When you outsource, sure, you get all the pieces, but you’re missing out on a driving force – a purposeful strategy – that makes all those pieces fit.

You could also compare it to writing a sentence. Maybe you’ve got all the right words, but it needs to be put together, too – even a comma out of place can change the message entirely. What you’re trying to say and what your audience hears are two different things – without a plan, it gets lost in translation.

That’s why all of the services that we offer are all done right here at our Nanaimo office. We help find the right pieces and fit them together so the right people will see the full picture. Let’s bring our expertise to tell your story.

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