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June 13, 2019
Now Hiring: Nanaimo Based Copywriter
Array Fam Careers Copywriting

Thanks for considering our position for a copywriter with our crazy / awesome downtown Nanaimo marketing team! We’re not super interested in your past or your education right now, so we don’t want you to apply with a resume at this time. Instead, we want to see you write!

Application Instructions

Who: People that:

  • Have an interest in joining the world of marketing as a career.
  • Got decent grades in English.
  • Enjoy social media
  • Aren’t horrified at the prospect of meeting a client face to face sometimes, picking up the phone to speak with a real person when necessary, and will relentlessly pursue the information they need in order to complete their writing assignments.

What: Submit a PDF with the following writing samples:

  • A tagline for an imaginary tour operator that would offer wine tours on Vancouver Island. (If you don’t know quite what a tagline is, now’s the time to look it up.) Tone should be light, fun, friendly.
  • A short article about adding a deck addition to your home. (IE: Should you? What should you think about? Who might you need to hire? How might you design it? What are common design features / styles?) 200-500 words. Tone should be professional and establish a feeling that the article writer is an “authority” on this topic. Yes, you will need to do some research on building decks in order to write this.
  • A social media post advertising the above article that you wrote, that will encourage people thinking about buying / building a house to read your article. Tone should be friendly, inviting, while still professional.
  • Any other writing you’d like us to look at and consider when deciding whom to interview.

How: Email your application to Your subject line MUST BE “Application for Generator of Words with Array”

Job Details

Hours: This position will start at 20-30 hours per week (depending on your availability and our needs), with the aim to ramp up to full time as we get to know you!

Compensation: $15 – $25 per hour, depending on your experience and skills. A benefits package is also available for full time employees after a probationary period.

Location: You must be able to work all hours on location, at our office in Nanaimo (410-256 Wallace St.) At this time we are not considering applications from out of country.