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October 16, 2019
Best Product sites of 2019
Web Design Web Development

We’ve been super quiet on our blog for a while but diving back in, we want to share some of our favourite product sites that have launched so far this year. Some of these sites demo bleeding-edge tech and others have slick user interfaces to guide customers through a buying decision. Let’s get started and checkout the websites!


MA True Cannabis

MA True Cannabis is a Swiss cannabis grower/distributor. This site blows our developers’ minds on so many levels. We have no idea how they managed to keep this site so smooth with so many animated 3D elements on the screen. The transitions between sections/pages are also so silky, it feels like the site is never loading. On top of the animation skills, this site also has one of the best product inside views we have seen. Their product offering is simple, organized by use-case and are easy to purchase with the persistent ‘buy now’ button integrated into the product breadcrumb. Without a doubt, we will be looking for inspiration from this site on the next e-commerce website we build.



Welly uses unique designs and form-factors to sell pocket-sized first aid kits. Welly keeps the eye-catching designs and patterns of their product front and center, always jumping off the page. The content on this site shows off the relaxed brand voice and strikes a good balance with the product photography.  We stumbled across this site last month, we got so drawn in, we had to catch ourselves before we impulse bought one of their Human Repair Kits. Nicely done!


Kitamura Makura

A Japanese manufacturing company that produces “tools for sleep” or high tech pillows. They have been in business for nearly 100 years and embrace their history in the design and content of their site. There is so much texture and noise in the graphics across the site, which gives the site a tactile feel. Like you might be able to reach out and touch the fabric through the page. Oooh, now that’s fun!



There might be a theme coming round with CANN and MA True Cannabis. These new cannabis product companies are really pushing the web design envelope. It’s an exploding new market and these two are taking the time to stand out. CANN produces cannabis-infused tonics for recreational use. Their site is bubbly, fun, and shows off their colourful product lines. They include testimonials, and take the time to educate customers on how their product works. We think this is super valuable for a product website who’s offerings will be new to most people out there.