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February 15, 2020
The Value of Graphic Design: Make Every Marketing Touchpoint Count
Graphic Design

We all know – first impressions are everything. Sure, the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” is great advice, but when it comes to in-hand marketing pieces, throw that idea right out the window! In marketing and advertising, graphic design is essential for any business wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. When prospective clients are searching the web for a product or service, it takes them about .05 seconds to make a snap judgement about your brand. That’s right, a blink of an eye is all it takes for users to form an opinion about your business. So, how can your business stand out from the crowd? We don’t have all the answers, but here are some helpful things to consider.

Make Your First Impression Tell A Story

Great design – whether bold & ambitions or charming & timeless – is essential to telling the story of your brand. The first interaction a prospect may encounter from your business could be a business card, your website, an online ad, product packaging, or your latest social media post. If they’re not smitten with your style, they may not give your brand a second glance (.05 seconds, remember?!). So, what’s the secret to captivating your audience? A winning combination of visual strategy and quality design that says the right things about your brand, your team, and your products & services.

How Colours & Shapes Impact Us

The last thing you want to do is blend in with your competition. A graphic designer weaves together visual elements, including – line, shape, colour, texture, typography, and direction – to convey your message and define your brand’s personality and style. They consider how design elements can help inform, captivate and persuade an audience. For example, should your website have a sleek, modern design with a neutral colour palette? Or fun, bright colours and whimsical fonts? This will depend on your industry, target markets (age, lifestyle, education, etc.), competition, and products and services you are marketing. A well-designed presence will not only add credibility to your message but increase brand recognition between your business and audience.

Capture the Right Attention

Graphic design is about more than simply making things look good – it’s telling stories through art! It’s about problem-solving, creating experiences and making messaging easy to understand and digest. Graphic design influences how people perceive value, build trust and recognize businesses and their brands. Whether they’re building off your existing design, helping you build a new brand identity, or identifying the best visual strategy to convey your message, a graphic designer can make sure you never have a bad first impression again!

Seeing is believing, right? – Check out these Before & After website transformations:




It’s important to note that all BEFORE graphics indicated in this blog post were developed by our clients’ previous agency or graphic artist, only the images noted AFTER are an indication of Arrays’ caliber of work.