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May 19, 2020
How Do I Know if My Website is Working For Me?
Digital Marketing

You have a website for your business, but how do you know if it’s doing its job? Is it attracting the right clients? Generating new leads? Helping you increase sales? There are many different website analytics tools available to help you understand how effective your website is and what areas need improvement. One of the most well known and preferred analytics tools that you may have heard of is Google Analytics. It gathers data on who visits your website, how they got there, how they use it, and a whole lot more. With so much data to dig through, however, it’s hard to know exactly what you need to be looking at. To give you a peek into what we at Array look at when we prepare a Website Performance Analysis Report, here are a few of the things we review and report on.

Who is Visiting?

Who are your website’s biggest fans? Whether you’re an established business or startup, knowing what type of people are visiting your website will help you learn exactly who your target audience is and why. With this information, you can refine your content strategy to better cater to their needs, make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns, and optimize your website to convert these visitors into leads. To identify your target audience, a few of the things we look at include:

  • Demographics (age, gender, interests)
  • Geographic locations
  • Browsers & devices used to visit your website
  • Number of visitors
  • Visitor behaviors and how they interact with your site

How Are They Finding You?

People are visiting your website, but how did they find it? Are they clicking on your paid ads? Visiting your social media pages? When you know your biggest traffic sources, you can start making better business decisions on where to invest your time and money. Or, better yet, find out if your current marketing investments are paying off. For example, do you need to spend more money on targeted social media ads, or invest more into your website’s content? We answer all these questions by analyzing:

  • Traffic source
  • Google Ads
  • Top searched keywords
  • Referring sites & referral links
  • Email marketing platforms

How Are They Using the Site?

How are people moving through your website? Are they clicking on the right things? Knowing how visitors are interacting with your website will help you discover what content they find valuable, which areas need improvement, and if your navigation is structured correctly. We explore the customer journey by looking at things like:

  • User flow
  • User engagement
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • Conversions & leads

Understanding What You’ve Learned & Making Improvements

Armed with this information, it’s possible to start getting answers to specific questions you might have about your website’s performance. But what if you don’t even know what questions to ask? This is the time to bring in a professional who will kick this whole process off by talking to you about your business and helping to identify goals and conversion points for your online marketing.

After our team has gone through your website analytics, we provide a customized report that provides immediate insight into the performance of your company’s website. Your Website Performance Analysis Report will cover search statistics, search engine result positions, visitor engagement, conversion rates, and includes a summary list of suggested items to improve performance. Our analysis focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses, and providing actionable solutions that drive measurable results, maximize exposure and drive conversions. A few of the services we provide to refine your marketing strategies include:

  • Website Review & Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis & Engagement
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Tracking & Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Analysis & Reporting

Your Analytics Advisors

If you’re finding it hard to dedicate the time to your website’s analytics, or simply need a helping hand, Array can go through your website analytics and provide support with recommended improvements. If you’re ready to do more with your data, reach out today!