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August 17, 2020
An Array of Our Graphic Design Package Artwork
Graphic Design

When it comes to selling a product, the packaging of your product is just as important as the product itself. When you are looking for that perfect bottle of wine to go with dinner or new craft beer to try, are you not drawn to the bottles with the most interesting, eye-catching labels? Your product’s packaging – from the look and feel to the function and sustainability – can have a direct impact on sales, create the right first impression with your customers, and help your product stand out amongst the competition.

The graphic design of your product packaging helps communicate many things, from what your product can do for your customers to your brand’s message and company values. It’s a powerful marketing and communication tool for your business and valuable touchpoint that can mean the difference between a purchase and non-purchase.

Today, more than ever, customers want a product that looks good. Did you know Array’s graphic designers do packaging design? Not all of it gets used in production, but we always welcome the opportunity to help our clients create unique, memorable and attractive packaging that showcases the value of their brand and products. 

Below are some of our favourite graphic design work that we’ve produced over the years, some of it that went into production, and some that didn’t.

Stitch Please

Stitch Please is a small artisan side hustle of a dynamic mother/daughter duo that designs, sews and supplies handmade hair scrunchies that are sold via third parties. Other products by Stitch Please include headbands, gift bags, straw sleeves, amongst many others. For Stitch Please we designed a small paper loop wraparound with their logo design for their hair scrunchies.

HFX Vapes

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, HFX Vapes is a boutique vape shop that offers a curated selection of E-liquid and accessories. Looking for a sleek design for their E-liquid bottles, we mocked up this minimalist matte black design with metallic gold text.

Releaf Medicinals

An amazing start-up that unfortunately never came to fruition, Releaf Medicinals was a proposed Canadian-based supplier of cannabis-based products. In the process of narrowing down the right packaging design to launch their cannabis products, we mocked up three package designs targeted to their demographic groups.

Revive Wet Towel Co.

Revive Wet Towel provides hot towel service, including energy-efficient towel warmers and biodegradable hot towels, to businesses across North America. Wanting a unique packaging design that captured the vibe of their brand and helped them stand out from the pack, we designed several styles of packaging designs for each scent of their wet towels with bright pops of colour and decorative watercolour textures.

Wicked Botanicals Soap

In need of a logo design for their start-up, we partnered with Wicked Botanicals Soap on the development of their brand identity. To give them an idea of how their logo would visually look on packaging, we mocked up several pieces of packaging designs to show them how their new logo would look on their products.

Interested to see more of our graphic design work?

For a view of our full graphic design portfolio, click here to visit our portfolio.

Are you in need of packaging graphic design services? If you have a product that needs a package design to help it fly off the shelf, we’d love to help!