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June 28, 2021
Why “Everyone” Isn’t Your Target Market (and How To Find One That Is)
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When we start a project, we ask every client the same question—who is your target audience?

And the number one answer we get is:

And we’re here to tell you, there’s a better answer. Because targeting everyone is a failsafe way to speak into a broken mic. Your brand is competing in a saturated market with more businesses looking to attract the same attention. The brands that succeed stand out because they have a clear picture of who they’re communicating with. And for this reason, they know exactly how to tailor their content so their message is amplified.

Here are four ways to narrow down your target market and focus on directing your message to the right audience.

How to find your target market

Understand your Big Why.

Ask yourself this—why are you in this business? And if your answer is a generic statement like, “I want to help people”, ask yourself why again. Dig deeper. Your Big Why should be the main reason you’re in this industry in the first place. What impact are you trying to make in the world? What change are you bringing to your industry that will motivate others to join your movement? Get as specific as possible. When you give clear meaning to your brand, you create value. And knowing what your customers value is how you attract them.

Identify your ideal customer.

If you have an existing clientele, identify the customers who you like to work with most. What do they have in common? Think demographics—age, gender, education, ethnicity, income, occupation / employment status, marital status, and location. And then identify their lifestyles and interests. What do THEY value and do those values align with your business? If you don’t have an existing client base or if you’re not attracting the people you want, it’s imperative you do this research to paint a clear picture of who you’re trying to attract.

Know your competition.

Look at your industry and identify your direct and indirect competition. What are these brands or businesses doing well to secure the clients you’re after? Look at the visual elements of their brand and the content they’re producing. How do you feel when you engage with their messaging? And what does your brand have to offer that they’re missing? Fill those gaps. By creating a niche in your industry, you start turning heads.

Create a buyer persona.

Using the research you’ve gathered, get creative and put together a fictional buyer. This is a character that represents your target client. What pain points does John or Jane have? What do they like to do on the weekend? How do they dress? Creating a fictional persona with needs and desires gives you the edge to position your brand as someone they’d like to meet. People want human connection. Know who you’re talking to and you’ll make a great first impression.

Identifying a target market builds customer loyalty

Having a specific target audience in mind means you can create a brand and message that resonates at every touch point. From visuals to copy, your brand experience is set to engage and connect from the start. You’ll know exactly how to market to your ideal client because you’ll know what drives them. Remember, you’re not just solving external problems, you’re solving internal ones too. You build customer loyalty when you create a community first.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways you can attract the right audience through branding and content marketing, send us a message or give us a call (yes, we still answer the phone!) by following the link below. We’d love to connect with you.