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March 31, 2022
How Web Design Enhances Your User Experience
Web Design Web Development

As a Nanaimo-based web design and development agency, we work with clients all over Vancouver Island. From Victoria to Port Hardy, and from Campbell River to the Village of Tahsis, no area is out of reach. When it comes to growing our own portfolio, we know the importance of creating an engaging web experience to win over new clients. Whether our ideal client is in Nanaimo or in Victoria, the secret to gaining qualified leads is in well thought out web design. Read on to learn how web design enhances your website’s user experience.

Web design makes your website mobile-friendly.

Yes, there’s a difference between a website you visit on your desktop computer versus the same website on a mobile device. A good web designer carefully considers the layout of images, text, button links, and videos to ensure your website remains responsive, accessible, and engaging no matter your screen size. For our client Mike Geric Construction, a developer based in Victoria, B.C., their mobile web layout seamlessly stacks content blocks, ensures button links are easy to press, and turns the navigation into a clickable menu. With mobile devices generating 54.8 percent of global website traffic as of 2021, ensuring your mobile experience is optimized is essential.

Custom iconography makes your web design accessible.

The use of iconography in web design offers a visual cue for site visitors that can clearly communicate core ideas or intent of a product or action. It also frees up real estate on a screen and if done correctly, aligns with your brand. For Breze Salon in Nanaimo, B.C., our web designers created a custom iconography set to showcase their wide variety of services. The icons offer a common visual language that bridges language gaps and keeps their content fresh for the long run.

Web designers can create custom illustrations where you lack photos.

Using visual assets like photography and videography can enhance your website by creating a human connection with web users and clarifying the information presented. While good web designers know how to lay out these assets to create a narrative journey, great web designers can take your website a step further. Instead of relying on stock photography to create a visually engaging page, they can create custom illustrations aligned with your brand style and work with a programmer to animate them. For the solar company Shift in Victoria, B.C. we integrated a custom set of animated illustrations to hold users’ attention and keep the site unique.

Good web design makes navigating your website easy and keeps Call-To-Actions clear.


An easy-to-navigate website is more likely to reduce bounce rates on your website, keeping visitors there longer. According to Hubspot, 42% of users will leave a website due to poor functionality. Good web designers will take all the necessary content needed on a website to create a clear top-level navigation with dropdowns where required and style it according to your brand. To prompt users to take action, proper web design layouts will have styled call-to-action buttons that are clear and emphasized using design elements such as shapes and colour. For Nanaimo Science in Nanaimo, B.C., a robust navigation system was needed to house their large volume of resources. The top-level navigation uses dropdown menus that animate when clicked. A hamburger menu in the top right corner is used for secondary pages and expands to full screen. Call-to-action buttons animate in hover states by changing colour and are emphasized with bright yellow buttons throughout the site.

Is your web design helping or hindering your business goals?

If you’re a Vancouver Island business based in Victoria, Nanaimo, or even Campbell River, your website is a powerful tool that can help expand your reach and connect you with clients across Canada. If your website isn’t generating traffic or converting leads, it’s time to consider how web design can enhance your user experience. As a team of professional web designers, copywriters, digital marketers, and web developers, we’re happy to jump on a call and review your business goals to help you achieve success online.