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April 29, 2022
5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing with Graphic Design
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The Array Team recently won two platinum awards in this year’s Hermes Creative Awards. Guess what both awards had in common? They recognized our graphic design and marketing for real estate developments. Our team partnered with award-winning developer Mike Geric Construction in Victoria, B.C., to create and execute marketing strategies for two up-and-coming condo developments—Marson Elk Lake and Tresah. And our efforts paid off. Marson Elk Lake won platinum for Logo Design and Tresah won platinum for Integrated Marketing Campaign.

1. Create a logo and brand identity to build buyer awareness.

A solid logo design sets the foundation for your brand identity to build awareness and credibility in the real estate market. It offers homebuyers a vision of their future and ultimately a promise of what they can expect from their new home and community. For Marson Elk Lake, our graphic design team created a brand identity inspired by the surrounding area. Circular and triangular elements in the logo capture the cohesive relationship of the brand with the natural world while evoking feelings of community, stability, and unity. An elegant and classic sans-serif font grounds and completes the logo design with complimenting colours of deep teal and golden earth.

2. Use your brand on construction site signage to get people curious.

With a logo design and brand in place, have a graphic designer create construction site signage or branded flags to build curiosity in the community. Site signage is a cost-effective way to gain impressions without being intrusive. It’s free to the consumer as they don’t have to opt-in or subscribe, and your advertising runs 24 hours a day. You also target people who live or work in the community that may not be actively looking online. For Marson Elk Lake, our graphic designers created site flags, sandwich boards, and roadside signs that are visible from the main highway and direct people to the presentation centre nestled in the woods.

3. Give prospective homebuyers a printed takeaway to maintain interest.

From brochures to investor’s packages, and even presentation folders, print material is an opportunity to further your brand touchpoints and offer homebuyers a chance to envision the future you offer. For Tresah, our graphic design team put together a branded presentation folder with images and messaging to hold information like branded floorplans, development features, and business cards. Presentation folders can also double as a brochure and lend as a nice coffee table piece for potential homebuyers to review at home.

4. Tell your story through presentation centre wall graphics.

If your development has a presentation centre, elevate their experience by having a graphic designer create wall graphics for use across verticle spaces. For Tresah and Marson Elk Lake, our graphic design team created wall graphics that tell a story with tailored messaging, information about the community, and images that showcase a homebuyer’s future lifestyle.

5. Build an online presence with a website to capture registrations.

Real estate marketing requires a strong online presence to maximize your sales funnels and ensure your brand reaches the right audience. Because Tresah is a development that’s close to completion, our web designers put together a multi-page site to create an immersive experience and build community. For Marson Elk Lake, a development just in the beginning stages, the web design is structured as a single page to tease information and start attracting early registrations. A branded website with a strategic web design allows you to funnel content from other platforms like social media channels and digital ads directly to your inbox.

Partnering with a professional graphic designer will make your real estate marketing stand out.

Are you a real estate developer or agent struggling to attract qualified homebuyers? Partnering with a professional graphic design team is a simple way to ensure your real estate marketing stands out. As a full-service creative marketing agency in Nanaimo, B.C. we’ve partnered with general contractors, developers, and real estate agents to create real estate marketing materials that win awards. Find out how we can help you by booking a call now.