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December 22, 2023
Case Study: How Revamping This Construction Company’s Brand Presence Improved Their Sales Funnel
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Picture this—you’re a custom home and commercial builder with all the ingredients for success: a highly-refined construction management process, a dedication to quality building, and a host of happy clients.

But despite your outstanding service and expertise, you’re struggling to expand your reach and increase new contacts for multi-family and large-scale developments.

That was Westmark Construction, a Nanaimo-based general contractor and construction company serving Vancouver Island for over 35 years. While today they are leaders in building custom homes, multi-family developments, and commercial developments, back in 2015 they felt their marketing efforts were falling flat and leads were stagnating.

Seeking to refine their marketing approach, they partnered with our team to help bring a fresh perspective. The result? Getting leads for seven digits.

Here’s a deeper dive into how we created and executed a clear brand strategy that put Westmark on the digital map and propelled them towards their goals.

A marketing puzzle that was missing pieces.

Westmark had a diverse portfolio and highly-refined construction process, but didn’t feel their marketing approach reflected their goals or their experience. The lack of cohesion left them without a reliable measure of ROI and hesitation about investing in future marketing efforts.

Our Nanaimo marketing agency started with a full audit of their brand and assets, then developed a marketing strategy to be executed in phases. The strategy included an updated construction logo to modernize their brand, sales funnel-focused web design and development, and a digital marketing campaign targeting their ideal market.

An established brand is redefined and strengthened.

To kick off the first phase, we started with groundwork by modernizing their existing brand and construction logo. Our graphic designers refined the chunky construction logo with a sophisticated font that harmonized with the minimalist icon.

With a refreshed construction logo in place, we created brand standards documentation that identified clear, appropriate use of the brand across all applications including colours and fonts. This ensures brand consistency both online and in print so every touchpoint is strengthened.

A fresh, modern user experience focused on a target audience.

For the next phase, our copywriter crafted a narrative tone to connect with Westmark’s identified target market. The tone aligns with the branded visuals remaining approachable and open, while also instilling confidence.

A full inventory was taken of the existing website, and we clearly identified Westmark’s objectives for their new online presence. We understood that there would be three distinct audiences—homeowners, developers, and investors. We tailored the copy and user experience to speak to their pains and give them the concise information to make confident decisions.

Our web designers and programmers created an SEO-focused custom WordPress site that’s dynamic, responsive for mobile and desktop devices, and capable of evolving as Westmark’s needs change.

Since partnering with Westmark, our graphic designers and web developers have built two iterations of their site to improve both function and enhance the user experience.

A unified brand identity is carried into print.

To create a cohesive brand experience offline, the refined visual brand and voice were carried through into Westmark’s print collateral, further solidifying their identity.

Vehicle decals and site signage were created to leave a clear and memorable impression of the company when interacting outdoors.

Business cards, presentation folders, and brochures focused on select target audiences enhance those first client touch points. Thoughtful copywriting is a supportive extension of the website narrative, and we helped them communicate their refined building process.

A strong strategy builds brand awareness and generates leads.

With a refreshed brand and new website in place. Westmark needed a long-term investment in search engine optimization to ensure they ranked high for potential clients searching for building partners.

Our digital marketing team developed an SEO strategy and campaign that included organic social media, online pay-per-click ads, and keyword-focused blog articles. The website sales funnel has been honed to generate more qualified, actionable leads. As a result, Westmark hit top search rankings, and as a bonus, the research on user interactions resulted in further insight into the demographics and behaviours of their target audience.

Building on impressive results year over year.

Westmark’s clients frequently provide feedback about how well the website works and how it is easy to navigate, leading to frequent requests for bids. Working with these insights, they’ve captured a greater volume of large-scale developments alongside their luxury custom homes.

To us, that’s a huge win – our overall goal for every project is to create a message that resonates with the target audience.

The best part? Our work in graphic design, web development, and digital marketing has been recognized internationally. We’ve taken home Gold for B2C Website at the Hermes Creative Awards, and continue to partner with Westmark as the business grows and goals evolve.

If this story resonates with you and you too have been struggling to get leads, reach out today and find out how Array can help you. We’d love to take your brand and website to award-winning levels.