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May 29, 2024
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vancouver Island Marketing Agency Secures Victory in the 2024 International Design Awards
Announcements Branding Graphic Design Marketing

Nanaimo, B.C. // May 29, 2024

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards have unveiled their winners for the first competitive season of 2024. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), these competitions received over 8,500 entries from across the globe, affirming their position as prestigious programs honouring creative and design professionals.

In the first competitive season of 2024, Nanaimo-based marketing agency Array earned a total of three awards. Wins included: Corporate Identity – Brand Identity Gold, Corporate Identity – Logos Silver, and Marketing & Promotional – Brochure Silver. The work that led to this victory was created for Vancouver Island North Tourism, Pacific Modular, and Shift earning them the prestigious accolades.

“Fifteen years ago, Array was founded as a digital-first agency, and we’re very proud of our deep roots in custom web development,” said Kristina Crowson, CEO and Marketing Director of Array. “Winning three awards in categories outside of digital is a testament to our growth. Our clients’ goals and our team’s talent continue to support our desire to push creative boundaries and do our best work. It’s truly wonderful to be recognized on an international level.”

The MUSE Awards encompass a range of competitions designed to recognize excellence across diverse fields. The International Awards Associate (IAA) ensures these competitions are accessible and fair, guaranteeing that recognition is earned by those who truly deserve it.

“Creativity knows no bounds; it’s the cornerstone of every great design. At IAA, we’re committed to honouring and promoting the brilliance and originality that propel the creative process forward,” explained Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. He continued, “With every stroke of genius, we’re reminded of the boundless potential of human imagination.”

Comprised of industry professionals, the jury panel at IAA upheld impartiality and applied industry-relevant assessment criteria with precision. The jury’s role was to recognize companies or individuals whose works showcased excellence and drove their industries forward – a goal they admirably achieved.

Grand Jury Panel
Among a diverse pool of applicants hailing from 22 countries, the competition carefully selected 56 jurors. These esteemed professionals are widely respected in their respective fields and boast affiliations with prestigious organizations within the creative and design industries.

Aside from utilizing industry-relevant standards in judging entries, impartiality was also maintained through the blind judging method. This approach involved evaluating entries independently, without comparing them to other submissions, ensuring that each winning work was recognized solely based on its own merits.

Participation of International Brands
As an international award platform, the MUSE Creative and Design Awards attracted entries from internationally renowned organizations. Some submissions were directly made by these companies, while others were submitted by entrants who had produced work for them. Direct submissions featured recognizable names such as Coach while indirect submissions included Netflix, Google, and Spotify.

“Celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity of individuals who are making a positive impact on their industries is a source of immense pride for IAA,” Thomas remarked. “Their dedication to excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration, guiding aspiring creatives worldwide toward their own remarkable achievements.”

About International Awards Associate (IAA)
Established in 2015, the International Awards Associate (IAA) is a global organization dedicated to recognizing professional excellence and outstanding achievements in various industries. As the organizer of a wide range of prestigious award programs such as the MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Awards, NYX Game Awards, TITAN Business Awards, TITAN Property Awards, London Design Awards, NY Product Design Awards, and many more, IAA aims to honor, promote, and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry-appropriate.

About Array
Array is a family of innovative and curious thinkers obsessed with marketing and digital solutions. Based in Nanaimo, B.C. their full-service marketing team is made up of marketing strategists, digital marketers, graphic designers, and web developers that help organizations achieve success through campaigns, websites, print, and digital assets. Since 2009, they’ve won over 46 international awards and continue to foster strong partnerships with businesses looking to push their creative limits and crush their marketing goals.


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Kristina Crowson
Managing Partner + Lead Marketing Strategist