2023 Goals: Award-Winning Marketing Projects That Take Your Business To The Next Level

Almost a decade ago, our small but mighty advertising agency in Nanaimo, B.C. won its first award: A gold Hermes Creative Award win for web development. Since then, we’ve added 54 more to our award wall and are setting the bar even higher for the future (yes, we want to… Read more

Looking to Recruit More Employees in 2022? Try Digital Marketing

It’s no secret—the struggle is real when it comes to hiring new employees in today’s market. Labour shortages in British Columbia are acutely high in many key sectors. According to a recent Job Bank article published by the Government of Canada, the rising costs of interest rates and the demand… Read more

Best Animated Videos for Content Generation

Let’s face it—video is dominating the way we market our business, products, and services. From drone footage on website homepage banners to 10-second TikTok videos, there’s a reason why in the last year, 88 percent of marketers reported that video gives them a positive Return on Investment. Today we want… Read more

Resurrecting Old Websites Back to Life

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re journeying back to the digital cemetery and digging out a few of the past websites that we helped bring back from the dead. As we all know, trends & technology change fast, and web designs are no different. Often, your website is your customer’s… Read more

How to Turn Your Annual Report Into an Engaging Story

If you want to impress potential investors, shareholders, and current employees, a branded Annual Report design will hold their attention. While these documents are a common legal requirement for most businesses, any company can benefit by using it as a strategic marketing and communications tool. If executed properly, you ensure… Read more

Why “Everyone” Isn’t Your Target Market (and How To Find One That Is)

When we start a project, we ask every client the same question—who is your target audience? And the number one answer we get is: “Everyone.” And we’re here to tell you, there’s a better answer. Because targeting everyone is a failsafe way to speak into a broken mic. Your brand… Read more

5 Ways Copywriting Can Benefit Your Company

What exactly is copywriting and what value can it bring to your business? In the simplest sense, copywriting is the creation of text for branding, marketing or advertising purposes. It’s all about getting a reader to take action, but it’s more than just writing a hard sell. Copywriting builds trust,… Read more

Now Hiring: Nanaimo Based Copywriter

Thanks for considering our position for a copywriter with our crazy / awesome downtown Nanaimo marketing team! We’re not super interested in your past or your education right now, so we don’t want you to apply with a resume at this time. Instead, we want to see you write! Application… Read more

15 Features of Copywriting & How They Affect Your Business

Your website is more than just for looks! Sure, the cliche is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but that doesn’t mean that your written content has no value. In fact, the content—or copy—for your website has a pretty heavy workload. It is responsible for: Defining the information… Read more