Array Dominates Award Season With Another 4 Wins for Brand Development & Graphic Design

In case you missed our last post, we celebrated our first three award wins of the year for web design and web development. Now we’re back with another four wins, securing our total to 54 awards since our start in 2009. This time we’re celebrating Nanaimo advertising agency’s expertise in… Read more

Nanaimo Digital Marketing Agency Wins Three Prestigious Awards For Web Design & Web Development

We did it again. Our digital marketing agency celebrated a triple triumph at the 2024 Hermes Creative Awards. With a team that combines the expertise of web developers, web designers, and copywriters, our dedication to pushing creative boundaries and delivering digital solutions was recognized with three new award wins on… Read more

Case Study: How Building Brand Awareness Helped This Solar Company Expand Across Canada

A marketing brochure for Shift, a solar energy company, designed to boost brand awareness. The top panel displays the slogan "We Power Change" overlaid on an image of solar panels. Below, sections highlight reasons to choose Shift for solar projects, noting their high ratings on Google and Facebook, and feature images of installed solar panels on various buildings. The brochure includes a call to action to request a customized solar assessment, accompanied by a QR code for easy access.

  Shift is a leading Canadian solar company that first launched in 2011 as a small team based out of Victoria, B.C. When they first started, they aimed to provide clean energy solutions for homes, businesses, and municipalities across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Now, they’ve grown into a… Read more

Big Changes To Audio Usage On Social Platforms (And What You Can Do About It)

A smartphone screen displaying a TikTok profile with the app's iconic tik tok music note logo, highlighting the "Follow" button and the sections for "Following," "Followers," and "Likes," set against a blurred background with a green plant.

It’s official—TikTok lost a huge portion of their music library because they couldn’t come to terms with Universal Music Group (UMG) on a licensing deal.  The deal included an increase in profits that would kick back to UMG for using their artists’ audio within the video-based platform. After deeming the… Read more

New Google & Yahoo Email Requirements Start in February 2024. Are You Prepared?

A computer screen displaying an email inbox with various messages, with a focus on email marketing.

If you have a Gmail or Yahoo email account, good news—your email just got safer (and according to Google, less spammy). But if you’re a business with a marketing strategy that involves sending bulk emails (think newsletters or email marketing), listen up. To further block spam, phishing, and malware threats,… Read more

Case Study: How Revamping This Construction Company’s Brand Presence Improved Their Sales Funnel

Modern home featuring sustainable design with a landscaped garden, enhanced by construction logos on the visible signage.

Picture this—you’re a custom home and commercial builder with all the ingredients for success: a highly-refined construction management process, a dedication to quality building, and a host of happy clients. But despite your outstanding service and expertise, you’re struggling to expand your reach and increase new contacts for multi-family and… Read more

5 Must-Read Content Marketing Tips for Creating A Consistent Brand On Social Media

mobile screen displaying an assortment of social media marketing apps

When it comes to content marketing on social media, you’ve got seconds to make your mark. From your chosen colours to your chosen words, your brand’s persona wields influence over how you’re perceived. That’s why nailing brand consistency is the secret sauce for grabbing (and keeping) your audience’s attention. Here are… Read more

Array Sweeps Platinum and Gold at the 2023 Hermes Creative Awards

Celebratory toast with glasses of red and white wine against a mountain backdrop, symbolizing awards for advertising excellence

If you asked our team what our favourite season is, we’d say, “awards.” And for good reason. Since our marketing agency opened its doors in 2009, we’ve taken home a total of 44 international awards for advertising, graphic design, digital marketing, and web development. This year, we’re raising that number… Read more

ShakeOut BC Snags Silver at the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards

Shiver me silver, we did it again! We took home one more win at the 2023 Muse Creative Awards. If you missed our last post, the MUSE Creative Awards is an internationally recognized competition that honours, promotes, and encourages creativity in media and design. We snagged silver for our website… Read more

DMCL’s Website Redesign Wins Creative Award with Array’s Golden Touch

Move over King Midas—our marketing agency took another gold win at the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards for our web design and web development work on DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants’ website. DMCL is a full-service accounting firm with offices across B.C. Looking to break the internet mold as not-your-average-accountants, they partnered with… Read more