New Google & Yahoo Email Requirements Start in February 2024. Are You Prepared?

A computer screen displaying an email inbox with various messages, with a focus on email marketing.

If you have a Gmail or Yahoo email account, good news—your email just got safer (and according to Google, less spammy). But if you’re a business with a marketing strategy that involves sending bulk emails (think newsletters or email marketing), listen up. To further block spam, phishing, and malware threats,… Read more

5 Must-Read Content Marketing Tips for Creating A Consistent Brand On Social Media

mobile screen displaying an assortment of social media marketing apps

When it comes to content marketing on social media, you’ve got seconds to make your mark. From your chosen colours to your chosen words, your brand’s persona wields influence over how you’re perceived. That’s why nailing brand consistency is the secret sauce for grabbing (and keeping) your audience’s attention. Here are… Read more

5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing with Graphic Design

The Array Team recently won two platinum awards in this year’s Hermes Creative Awards. Guess what both awards had in common? They recognized our graphic design and marketing for real estate developments. Our team partnered with award-winning developer Mike Geric Construction in Victoria, B.C., to create and execute marketing strategies… Read more

Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for 2022?

Can you believe 2021 is almost over?! With 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and revisit your annual marketing plan for next year. As your campaigns for this year begin to wrap, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you want… Read more

How to Turn Your Annual Report Into an Engaging Story

If you want to impress potential investors, shareholders, and current employees, a branded Annual Report design will hold their attention. While these documents are a common legal requirement for most businesses, any company can benefit by using it as a strategic marketing and communications tool. If executed properly, you ensure… Read more

Why “Everyone” Isn’t Your Target Market (and How To Find One That Is)

When we start a project, we ask every client the same question—who is your target audience? And the number one answer we get is: “Everyone.” And we’re here to tell you, there’s a better answer. Because targeting everyone is a failsafe way to speak into a broken mic. Your brand… Read more

The Average Computer User & Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Website For Them

Chances are that, if you’re reading this, you have above average computer skills. You may not realize it, but you’re probably pretty tech-savvy! It turns out that what we might consider to be “basic computer skills” are actually pretty advanced, when compared to the average global population. In 2016, the… Read more

5 Actionable SEO Tips for Business Owners

Wondering why your website traffic is poor, or why your website isn’t coming up in Google? This short list of 5 questions can help you start diagnosing if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is up to snuff. Don’t know what the *bleep* SEO is? Read on! This list is for… Read more

Installing An Email Signature in Outlook 2007 or Newer

You’ve just got your fancy, newly designed email signature from Array, but now what? If you’re using Outlook 2007 or newer, you may not be sure how to upload and attach your signature into your software. Unfortunately, Microsoft removed the Rich Text Editor for Outlook 2007, where you could directly… Read more

Mac Mail Signature Installation

Did you just purchase an email signature with Array, and now you are finding yourself with some HTML files and no clue how to install them? Never fear! Here are install instructions for Mac Mail Email Signatures. These instructions apply to anyone attempting to install a pre-built HTML signature in… Read more