Looking to Recruit More Employees in 2022? Try Digital Marketing

It’s no secret—the struggle is real when it comes to hiring new employees in today’s market. Labour shortages in British Columbia are acutely high in many key sectors. According to a recent Job Bank article published by the Government of Canada, the rising costs of interest rates and the demand… Read more

5 Ways Copywriting Can Benefit Your Company

What exactly is copywriting and what value can it bring to your business? In the simplest sense, copywriting is the creation of text for branding, marketing or advertising purposes. It’s all about getting a reader to take action, but it’s more than just writing a hard sell. Copywriting builds trust,… Read more

Now Hiring – Digital Marketing Specialist (Entry-Level)

Array is accepting entry level applications for a full time Digital Marketing Specialist. This is an in office position within Nanaimo. Applicants are not required to have experience in the full range of skills, but experience in any areas should be outlined on your application and will be preferred. General… Read more

5 Actionable SEO Tips for Business Owners

Wondering why your website traffic is poor, or why your website isn’t coming up in Google? This short list of 5 questions can help you start diagnosing if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is up to snuff. Don’t know what the *bleep* SEO is? Read on! This list is for… Read more