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2023 Goals: Award-Winning Marketing Projects That Take Your Business To The Next Level

Dec 21, 2022
Almost a decade ago, our small but mighty advertising agency in Nanaimo, B.C. won its first award: A gold Hermes Creative Award win for web development. Since then, we’ve added 54 more to our...
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Best 2022 Winter Activities in Nanaimo

Nov 18, 2022
If you missed our last post on 5 Activities To Try Around Nanaimo This Fall, it’s probably too late to go for a hayride through a pumpkin patch. But you’re just in time for...
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5 Activities To Try Around Nanaimo This Fall

Oct 12, 2022
For a city with less than 100,000 people, you might consider Nanaimo sleepy. But during the fall, Nanaimo is packed with activities that will leave you feeling warm, cozy, and maybe a little spooked....
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Why Client Feedback Is Important When Refreshing Your Brand

Sep 23, 2022
Something different is brewing at our advertising agency. We’ve embarked on a journey to rebuild our website and as a part of that process, we’re undertaking a brand refresh. Not to be confused with...
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Looking to Recruit More Employees in 2022? Try Digital Marketing

Jul 31, 2022
It’s no secret—the struggle is real when it comes to hiring new employees in today’s market. Labour shortages in British Columbia are acutely high in many key sectors. According to a recent Job Bank...
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What Does a Custom WordPress Designer Do Differently?

Feb 15, 2021
Has your business decided to invest (or re-invest) in a website? Today, most websites are developed with a content management system (CMS), which allows a company to easily update and modify their website in...
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Brand Evolution: When & Why You Need to Change Your Branding

Jan 27, 2021
What is branding, exactly? Many businesses often mistake branding as simply having a logo. While a logo is an important piece of your brand, it isn’t your brand itself. More than just a logo,...
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The Benefits of Custom Web Design vs Website Templates For Your Business

Sep 9, 2020
Has your business decided to invest in a new website? Generally, you’ll have two options to consider: build a website from an existing website template or create a custom web design from scratch with...
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I Just Set-up Google Analytics – Now What?

May 22, 2020
So, you just launched your company’s website, set-up your Google Analytics account, and installed the code on each webpage. Are you now scratching your head asking yourself, “what do I do now?” If you’re...
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Stay Connected With Your Customers with Ecommerce

Apr 1, 2020
In a sudden and mostly unexpected stay-at-home economy, businesses are having to innovate & find new ways to be safely accessible to their customers. Now is a great time to start encouraging your customers...
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Moving Digital: Tips for Helping Your Business Stay Open Online

Mar 20, 2020
Many of us have already faced the tough decision to implement closures or business operational changes, due to COVID-19. If your team is facing this choice, or you are working through social distancing policy,...
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Now Hiring: Graphic Designer / Digital Focus

Aug 28, 2019
Array is currently seeking a person to join our team. Do you/ Are you / Can you: – Have a flexible visual design style and can create interfaces for a variety of products that...
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Now Hiring: Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper

Sep 17, 2018
Array is looking for a highly organized, detail obsessed, friendly self starter, for a career position working in Marketing. Candidate should have education or experience with Sage 50 Accounting and be ready to roll...
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Digital Marketing News – Agency Mergers & Why We Do Everything In-House

Aug 16, 2018
Over the past few months, we’ve been noticing a trend – smaller, more specialized creative and marketing businesses uniting to form larger, full-service digital agencies. These mergers appear to be a response to the...
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The Average Computer User & Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Website For Them

Mar 20, 2018
Chances are that, if you’re reading this, you have above average computer skills. You may not realize it, but you’re probably pretty tech-savvy! It turns out that what we might consider to be “basic...
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Online Marketing with Yellow Pages? Here’s 9 Reasons to Consider A Boutique Marketing Agency

Jan 27, 2018
If you’re marketing your business online, you’ve probably come across Yellow Pages. Not just a business directory anymore, Yellow Pages now also offers websites, premium business listings and digital marketing services. There’s a TON...
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15 Features of Copywriting & How They Affect Your Business

Mar 22, 2017
Your website is more than just for looks! Sure, the cliche is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but that doesn’t mean that your written content has no value. In fact, the...
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5 Actionable SEO Tips for Business Owners

Mar 22, 2016
Wondering why your website traffic is poor, or why your website isn’t coming up in Google? This short list of 5 questions can help you start diagnosing if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is...
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Website & Brochure Design For Pacific Station

Mar 14, 2016
Pacific Station, by Westmark Construction, is a new mixed-use development in Nanaimo, which offers office space & new westcoast contemporary townhomes. With a website already developed, they came to Array looking to add content...
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Campaign Kick-Off: Tourism Nanaimo’s #EXPLORENANAIMO

Apr 29, 2015
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BAD BOY IN THE PAST COUPLE DAYS ON YOUR WAY INTO NANAIMO? So we may have been just a little bit cryptic on our social media about an exciting project...
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What You Should Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Policy

Apr 22, 2015
More and more people are discovering and researching businesses on their mobile devices, and those numbers are on trend to keep going up. If your website doesn’t currently respond to different device and viewport...
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CASL: One Month Later

Aug 14, 2014
No one likes getting spammed. Unless you enjoy being given canned luncheon meat, but that’s not the kind of spam we’re talking about! These virtual time vampires suck minutes, or even hours, out of...
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In The Media: Feature In Douglas Magazine

Jul 14, 2014
We are proud to have the opportunity to be featured in Douglas Magazine. A premier publication on South Vancouver Island, Douglas covers topics related to innovation, leadership, business culture and lifestyle. In their June/July...
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Celebrating Canada’s 147th Birthday!

Jun 27, 2014
The first half of 2014 has been spectacular for the Array team, hopefully it has been for you as well! We are on the cusp of of summer, and in anticipation of Canada Day...
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Project Kick Off: Queen Margaret’s School

Feb 17, 2014
Kristina, Karen, and Sarah had a fantastic kick off meeting with Queen Margaret’s School last week, and we are excited to announce we will be developing a new website for the school over the...
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Happy Birthday Grace Hopper

Dec 9, 2013
Today’s Google doodle alerted me to the fact that it’s the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper. Grace Hopper was a female developer back when it was still truly a man’s world, which makes us...
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Happy Holidays! Bonus: What’s Happening in Downtown Nanaimo This Christmas

Dec 3, 2013
We had a very special visitor yesterday, thanks to the Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association! There is so much happening in Downtown Nanaimo this season! You can get all the details here: Or,...
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What’s Trending – Google Changes Search: “Hummingbird” and What it Means to You

Oct 8, 2013
Are you among the 70% of people who use Google to surf the internet? If you haven’t already heard, Google just announced a complete overhaulof their search algorithm (the system they use to rank...
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The 7th Annual State of the Island Economic Summit

Oct 8, 2013
Putt for Whisky at the VIEA Summit Tradeshow! The 7th Annual Vancouver Island Economic Summit is taking place this year on October 29th and 30th, and Array Web + Creative is proud to be...
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Web Trends Explained: Responsive Design

Sep 6, 2013
Have you ever tried to use one of your favourite websites from your smart phone, and found yourself constantly zooming and scrolling around to read it? Was it impossible to click links? Or maybe...
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What’s Your Dream Job? – Nanaimo Magazine Cover

Aug 28, 2013
Check us out in Nanaimo Magazine! Cover: Ian Reid, Kristina Crowson, Michael Reid. Read the full article below, or pick up a copy of Nanaimo Magazine around town. —- WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB?...
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The Only Constant Is Change

Jun 10, 2013
The world is an exciting place, now more than ever before. Geographic boundaries are crumbling, and local companies are being given more opportunities to compete and deliver on a global stage. With this in...
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Site Relaunch!

Jun 1, 2013
For every creative agency, there comes a time every year or two when you’ve just gotta redesign everything. Starting with our brand, which we relaunched early this year, we have slowly been updating the...
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Google Analytics Setup

Jul 12, 2011
You’ve got a shiny website and you’re pretty sure people are using it. But who? When? And where are they coming from? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make the most...
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How to Create a Blog

Jun 21, 2011
Are you interested in getting a BLOG online? Follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time at all! What is a Blog? A Blog (shortened slang for web log) is...
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Jan 19, 2011
Being a tech company in this world is hard. I’m sure it’s not so hard when your piles of money can soak up your tears, but man… it’s certainly hard enough. Recently Facebook has...
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Jan 14, 2011
I belong to an excellent group of web developers, writers, designers, and content producers in the Comox Valley, known as the “Comox Valley Web Posse.” Recently, they posted a link to an interesting article...
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How Does Email Work

Jul 14, 2010
What is this Email Thing anyways? Yes, We use email all the time. Heck, in 6 months.. I’ve sent about 800 emails.. and those are just from my workstation. That’s excluding the emails I...
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