The Power Of Branding: Mind Bending Building Construction Logo For Modular Housing Company

The image displays branding materials for "Pacific Modular," including a building construction logo with a geometric cube design, stationery items, and a branded house situated in a natural setting, emphasizing the company's focus on modular building construction.

We need to know—is this building construction logo design pointing up or down for you?  Created for Pacific Modular, a new modular housing construction company based in Campbell River, B.C., we recently launched this brand to help build market awareness and drive leads to their website.  Drawing inspiration from the… Read more

Big Changes To Audio Usage On Social Platforms (And What You Can Do About It)

A smartphone screen displaying a TikTok profile with the app's iconic tik tok music note logo, highlighting the "Follow" button and the sections for "Following," "Followers," and "Likes," set against a blurred background with a green plant.

It’s official—TikTok lost a huge portion of their music library because they couldn’t come to terms with Universal Music Group (UMG) on a licensing deal.  The deal included an increase in profits that would kick back to UMG for using their artists’ audio within the video-based platform. After deeming the… Read more

The Super Bowl Of Ads: A Swift End To The Season

Beyoncé in a red sequined dress and a headpiece at the forefront of a vibrant scene with dancers in red outfits blurred in the background as promotion for her country music in Cowboy Core & Verizon Superbowl commercials.

The Super Bowl capped off the 23/24 NFL season with a series of storylines in football, entertainment, gambling, and of course, advertising.  Despite an OT thriller, the 49ers were unable to break a 29-year Super Bowl drought, setting the Chiefs up for a chance at a 3-peat in 2024. But… Read more

IMPACT Conference: From Heads In Beds To Wealth & Wellbeing, Canadian Tourism Is Looking Ahead

Array owners Kristina Crown and Sarah Brown attend pose at the 2024 IMPACT Sustainability & Vancouver Island Tourism Conference.

On January 21st, our team attended the IMPACT Sustainability & Tourism Conference for the very first time! Hosted in Victoria, B.C., this two-day event brings together industry experts, community leaders, and business professionals to collaborate on creating a more sustainable and regenerative future where tourism is a force for good.  … Read more

5 Must-Try Activities Around Nanaimo for the 2023 Fall Season

For a city with less than 100,000 people, you might consider Nanaimo sleepy. But during the fall, Nanaimo is packed with activities that will leave you feeling warm, cozy, and maybe a little spooked. As Nanaimo is home to our advertising agency, we’re sharing our top five fall activities to… Read more

5 Must-Read Content Marketing Tips for Creating A Consistent Brand On Social Media

mobile screen displaying an assortment of social media marketing apps

When it comes to content marketing on social media, you’ve got seconds to make your mark. From your chosen colours to your chosen words, your brand’s persona wields influence over how you’re perceived. That’s why nailing brand consistency is the secret sauce for grabbing (and keeping) your audience’s attention. Here are… Read more

How Value Alignment Leads to a Greener Future (and Pocketbook)

Aerial view of a modern building with green rooftop gardens, showcasing sustainability marketing in urban architecture

At our Nanaimo-based marketing agency, we’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative potential of partnering with businesses committed to a greener future. These businesses stand out and succeed because their mission, vision, and values are clear. These components create purpose that goes beyond profit. And as a result, they attract like-minded businesses… Read more

Graphic Design: 5 Typography Rules You Need to Follow in 2023

What’s your type—bold, modern, chic, or elegant? No, this isn’t about dating. This is about your brand. And when it comes to typography, your choice of fonts speaks volumes about your personality and style. It’s all about building a connection with your audience. And if you’re ready to spice things… Read more

Accept All: Mandatory Cookies Are Here to Stay

You’ve seen them—those little pop-ups at the bottom of every web page that asks you about your cookie preferences. And no, we’re not talking about Chips Ahoy or Oreos. We’re talking about little pieces of data your browser stores as you interact with a website. This data could be anything… Read more

ShakeOut BC Snags Silver at the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards

Shiver me silver, we did it again! We took home one more win at the 2023 Muse Creative Awards. If you missed our last post, the MUSE Creative Awards is an internationally recognized competition that honours, promotes, and encourages creativity in media and design. We snagged silver for our website… Read more