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The Array Approach: This is how we do it.
We Meet
Every project starts with an introduction.
We’ll schedule a meet and greet where we get to know your business and you get to know ours. We’ll cover the basics—the broad scope of your vision, the services we offer, and give you a ballpark budget and timeline for your project.
We Discover
We uncover your needs and determine our level of involvement.
If you feel like we’re a good fit, we’ll regroup for a scope session and get down to the nitty gritty. We’ll dive deeper into your needs and goals to determine exactly what marketing plan and services are required. We’ll dial in scope in a detailed proposal and allot time for review if needed.
We Plan
A timeline is established and key milestones are identified.
Once we shake hands, your project kicks off. We gather assets, share briefing documents, and develop a timeline that’s realistic yet flexible. We aim to stick to the plan, but easily maneuver around change.
We Strategize
The best decisions are educated ones.
We examine your briefs, supplied assets, your industry, and its standards. We create a strategy with its own distinct objective to ensure every decision made leads to your project’s success.
We Conceptualize
Information is organized and a framework is set in place.
We explore how we want things to feel, look and function, along with characteristics and distinct messaging. We distill information and create a cohesive marketing plan that will serve as a blueprint for your project.
We Create
It’s time to get down to business!
We stimulate our brains with some killer tunes, give our fingers a good stretch, and bust it out. Solid groundwork has been laid—now we work towards achieving your goals.
We Collaborate
Ideas are bounced off each other, and feedback is taken and given.
When it comes to great creative, the process is iterative. We’re not afraid to switch things up, take every opportunity to improve, and push creative boundaries to the edge. We work closely with you to ensure we achieve your vision.
We Share
We set you up for success at every step of the way.
We teach you how to maintain your brand assets, provide rationale for our expert decisions, report on results, and touch base throughout the whole process. When it’s time for hand off, we keep our doors open. We’re here to be your partners for the long run.
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