Establishing a symbolic representation of a picturesque region.

Lake Louise Inn

The previous logo for Lake Louise Inn felt dated and lacked relevance with the growing trend in travelers visiting the region. The new brand is rustic, solid, and modern, appealing to a growing demographic of youthful outdoor adventure seekers, while also attracting corporate-based clients looking to connect in nature.

What work did we do for them?

  • Brand re-development
  • Corporate stationery design
  • Print marketing collateral design
  • Room collateral design

How did we help them out?

  • The new Lake Louise Inn logo is a symbolic representation of this beautiful region and has the feel of an established mountain resort
  • Fresh print collateral communicates stability and cohesion across all applications (stationery, room pieces & marketing assets)
  • The colour palette reflects the natural environment: warm browns to represent stability, organic, and genuine; turquoise for discovery, openness, calm & practicality

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