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Blue Sky Medical Clinic

After leaving their previous practice to open their own, the team at Blue Sky Medical Clinic reached out to Array for help on creating a new brand with print collateral to go along with their shiny new office, and a single-page website that would provide patients with a convenient solution to book their appointments online.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Brand development
  • Logo design
  • Custom web design + development
  • Appointment card
  • Branded digital letterhead

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • The logo design features a heart icon that includes a medical cross to imply healthcare while doubling as a letter B to represent Blue Sky Medical Clinic. The heart icon motions up and to the right, reflecting the progressive, positive, and forward-thinking values of the practice. The icon pairs with a font that matches in weight and structure to communicate consistency, dependability, and professionalism.
  • Designed to provide quality over quantity, the single-page layout features a visually balanced one-page design with boldly defined sections and simple fonts that keeps users informed and engaged. Launching soon, dedicated links will offer patients the ability to book general and walk-in appointments online via a 3rd party booking software.
  • The appointment cards give clients a first impression of the brand and the people behind it. The edge-to-edge design and rounded corners capture the warmth, trust, and reliability of the business and put a unique twist on the conventional business card.

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