A hot look for a hip drip.

Drip Coffee | Social

Nanaimo, BC

Located in North Nanaimo, on Departure Bay Road, Drip Coffee | Social serves high-quality coffee, food and bevvies with one of the best ocean views in town. Array was approached by the company’s interior designer, Karly Parker, to develop a logo that conveys this fresh and friendly atmosphere. We were the Hermes Creative Awards’ 2019 Platinum Winner for this particular logo design but didn’t do it for the glory. Array took on the challenge because we ultimately love partnering with professionals in support of local businesses.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Brand development

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • With the elegant allure of a cool, industrial black primary colour choice, we were able to keep production costs low, while ensuring that the logo could be consistently and easily reproduced by the client.
  • The playful wordmark uses a flipped letter “i” to cleverly illustrate a drip. Clean, linear, crisp typography ensures the concept is minimal and elegant, while lower case letters make the company feel approachable. By keeping the concept free of an icon, we avoid pigeon-holing Drip into just a coffee shop.

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