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Garuda Centre

Garuda Centre is a natural health centre in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo that offers clinical counselling, massage therapy, kundalini yoga, mindful meditation and more. Approaching us with the most interesting hand-crafted typography and incredible vision, they put their trust in our team and inspired us to create a beautiful, engaging website to align with their amazing philosophy and passion for their budding business.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Web Design/Development
  • E-newsletter template

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • Bold colour combinations of gold, red and blue and polished programming create a fluid, flowing layout that creates the illusion of movement and feels organic to explore.
  • Unique, angular graphics paired with parallax scrolling effects give the pages depth and an unrestrained feel for a unique user experience.
  • Expecting the typical user to view the website on the go to find out about the latest yoga classes or workshops happening, we put the mobile user experience front and center and focused on mobile-first design. As a result, over 70% (72.3% in the last 90-days) of traffic has come from mobile devices.
  • Social media graphics, an e-newsletter template/sign-up form and podcast graphics (coming soon!) unify the brand’s digital touchpoints with consistent visual language.

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