Creating long-term careers for future civil engineers and surveyors.

Newcastle Engineering is a full-service civil engineering firm based in Nanaimo, B.C. For over 27 years, they’ve provided civil consulting, design, and construction surveying to public and private sectors in growing communities across Vancouver Island. Looking to recruit new employees, Newcastle Engineering recognized the need to update their website with a new web design to help attract the right teammates and potential new clients. They onboarded our team of web designers, copywriters, and web developers for support.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Development

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • The primary goal of the website was to attract new talent. Our digital marketing team kicked things off with a keyword analysis to identify the best SEO phrases a potential employee would type into a search engine. We then used SEO keywords to craft the information architecture and included them across page names.
  • With a keyword analysis and content architecture in place, our team of copywriters developed a narrative tone that closely aligns with the demographics of their target market. Confident, relatable, and concise, the tone speaks to the reader with authority to establish Newcastle as an industry leader. Our copywriting team used this brand voice to craft content across the site and optimized headlines, on-page copy, and meta descriptions with SEO keywords.
  • Using Newcastle’s existing logo, our web designers expanded the brand with a bright colour palette and bold sans serif font for headlines and body copy. This makes the web design eyecatching and easy to navigate as users can quickly identify the information they need. The web design also features playful elements like animated hover states over buttons and drop-down navigation, fine line details from engineering plans for texture and depth, and a nice balance of photography and video assets to keep users engaged.
  • Our web designers and web developers laid out a new team and careers page that highlights the company culture and features clickable job listings with full details. A prospective employee can easily fill out an application form and upload their resume.
  • Custom-developed on WordPress, our web developers programmed the site to be responsive on desktop and mobile making it user-friendly on any device. With their new custom site, the Newcastle Engineering team can add new job listings and team members in the backend as needed.

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