Nanaimo’s first synergistic mixed-use community

Westmark Construction is no stranger to Array. Since 2015, Array has served Westmark in their brand development, providing an all-inclusive project management approach to their marketing and advertising direction. As an award-winning Nanaimo builder, Westmark is responsible for a range of buildings and structures across Vancouver Island. To showcase Pacific Station, a mixed-use development featuring a collection of commercial space, townhomes, and rental homes, Westmark connected with Array to build a custom-designed website that would highlight the success of the Pacific Station development through a story-driven narrative.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Custom web design + development
  • Copywriting
  • Drone & Photography Coordination

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • The homepage welcomes visitors with a large, airy-feeling design that features beautiful drone footage with aerial views of the entire development that adds a cinematic, engaging element.
  • Instead of sales-focused copy, we opt for a story-driven narrative to engage readers, build trust and transparency, and create an emotional connection between them, the product and the brand. With this narrative, we immerse readers into the story, help them visualize the lifestyle the development offers, and create a lasting, memorable first impression.
  • Animated full-page transitions create a fluent and dynamic navigation that maintains a user’s attention and provides a fun, pleasing aesthetic touch.

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Copywriting For Branding, Marketing & Advertising

Looking for a copywriter to help you craft your message? Advertising agency Array in Nanaimo, BC can help you meet your copywriting and content marketing needs with engaging, personalized, and compelling copy that gets to the heart of your message. Whether you need website copy, content for your blog, or to improve your SEO, we craft effective, meaningful, and conversion-focused copywriting that helps you engage with customers and make a memorable first impression.
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Web Design + Development Focused on Your Business Goals

Looking for a web developer? Array is a Nanaimo, BC, Canada based web design, web development and marketing agency that builds beautiful, fully customizable and user-friendly websites tailored to your unique business needs, culture and message. Whatever your website needs, our award-winning web design + development services can help your business create a website that fits your brand, showcases your products & services, and helps you achieve your business goals.
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