Pressing onward with a fresh identity.

Good Life Cleanse originally had an existing website and brand identity, and was looking to complement their existing assets with marketing materials. In 2015, Good Life Cleanse rebranded as Good Life Juice.

What work did we do for them?

  • Rebranding
  • Website graphic design
  • Print collateral
  • Packaging design

How did we help them out?

  • Updates to their existing website & e-commerce system offered a more streamlined checkout process
  • Incorporating existing elements into their revamped brand ensures their new identity feels fresh yet familiar & recognizable to existing clientele

What they had to say?

“Thank you to everyone at Array Web + Creative, with a special shout out to Kristina Crowson and Jordan Wende. We couldn’t be more happy with EVERYTHING you did for the graphics on our site and print media. Good Life Cleanse has a killer design thanks to you – you were fast, efficient, and blew our expectations each time.”
– Andrea Dershin, Owner

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Brand Development That Tells Your Unique Story

Array in Nanaimo, BC, is an award-winning brand development marketing agency that can help you build a recognizable brand that is uniquely yours. Whether you’re ready for a rebrand, brand refresh, or developing a new brand identity, we make sure you’re involved throughout the creative process, ensuring your voice and ideas are heard. From designing your brand logo to developing a marketing strategy that will showcase your unique brand personality, our creative team can help you craft a brand identity that truly stands out.
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Graphic Design That Drives Engagement

Need graphic design services? Array in Nanaimo, BC, Canada is an award-winning marketing agency that crafts beautiful visual designs that create impactful first impressions and drive brand recognition. From logo designs, business cards and stunning brochures to eye-catching web designs, billboards and brand identities, our team of creatives can help you turn your vision into reality.
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