Increasing sales with a rebrand & website redevelopment.

Macon Industries – one of our most long-standing clients – channels their efforts and boosts leads with a revitalized identity and web presence.

A shift in company objectives reveals opportunities for improvement.

Array has had a relationship with Macon Industries since our business started in 2009. Back then, they were Macon Welding, a smaller company with less focused product and service offerings. Much in parallel with our own business, Macon expanded their client base and refined their business goals over time based on their industry and customer needs. As a result, it became apparent that some adjustments were necessary to continue their defined organizational trajectory. Over the years, Macon’s main focus shifted as they dropped general, structural, and custom welding from their services, and began manufacturing drill shacks and drilling equipment.

Macon was looking to build professional touch points for their company which reaffirm the quality and function of their product. As well, they were looking for their new website to be simple and easy to use, and an identity that would appeal to a distinct demographic that was less savvy in the online realm.

A revamped brand improves alignment with their target market.

With the shift in focus from general welding to specialized fabrication, we helped them rebrand from Macon Welding to Macon Industries. As Macon was starting to become more recognized internationally, a completely new and different brand didn’t make sense. As we wanted them to be able to easily continue their trajectory, we chose to make contemporary refinements to their existing logo. New business cards give clients a memorable touch-point they can take home.

A redeveloped website meets the needs of prospective clients worldwide.

A website from 2009 wouldn’t accurately portray their expertise to their discerning clientele. Even though Array originally developed it, the web – and the needs of their clients – had changed drastically in 7 years. There was only so much that updates would accomplish. Starting from scratch, their new website puts their quality work front-and-center and speaks to their prospective client base. Being developed on WordPress means that their team can easily update their growing collection of testimonials and add photographs of their newest projects. An increased focus on sales drove us to create more enticing calls-to-action.

Professional spec sheets improves the client on-boarding process.

Along with their brand refresh, Macon was motivated to up their sales game. One of the major tools in their sales kit is now a collection of professional, thoughtfully-designed data sheets. Each spec sheet we created is focused on one of their top products and showcases features and specifications. This gives their sales team the ability to tailor their approach, and help them streamline the buying process by ensuring prospective clients find the right equipment for their needs.

A laser-focused SEO campaign dramatically expands brand awareness.

Along with their new identity, there was a need to boost their web strategy. One of their major goals was to have photos of their equipment to be the top ranking images in Google Image search for their specified key phrases. We also launched their new website with a robust, extensive SEO setup that would help them increase their organic search rankings for a collection of targeted key phrases that were highly relevant to their target market.

Top Google image search rankings and a surge in revenue.

We completed their sales sheets just before trade show and convention season in order to position them well for closing bigger sales early in the year. This strategy proved to be effective, as their spec sheets have allowed them to achieve better closing rates and an increase in sales. Their new website has become an integral sales tool which draws more qualified leads and contacts. With their new brand identity has come increased awareness – including one of their products being purchased and their company featured on the hit Discovery TV show, Gold Rush Alaska!

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