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Intraworks IT Management
Boosting local IT solutions with a robust digital marketing strategy
Nanaimo, B.C.

Intraworks IT Management has been a key player in Vancouver Island’s tech world since 1996, offering comprehensive IT solutions with a personal touch. Despite their long-standing success with word-of-mouth referrals, Intraworks faced a complex marketing challenge—they wanted to increase pre-qualified leads online. Realizing they needed to step up their digital game, they partnered with our Nanaimo digital marketers, copywriters, web designers, and web developers to create a new marketing strategy that better communicates their IT support services to local businesses. By simplifying technical information, highlighting their strengths, and restructuring their services, we created an engaging user journey that paid off with a platinum Hermes Creative award win.

What did we do?
Content Design & Creation
Conversion Tracking & Optimization
Copywriting Strategy & Planning
Custom Illustration & Iconography
Digital Marketing
Information Architecture Development
Narrative Tone Development
Responsive Website Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
UI/UX Design
Visual Identity System
Website Design & Programming
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • Our collaboration kicked off with an in-depth analysis of Intraworks’ existing digital footprint. Based on our research, our digital marketing agency tackled the challenge with a two-pronged approach: revamp their existing website by restructuring their services and implement a targeted digital marketing campaign.
  • For the campaign and website, we put together a Keyword Analysis identifying the most relevant and high-impact keywords. This informed our SEO tactics for web optimization and shaped our Google Search Ads strategy to boost Intraworks’ visibility in local search results and draw in more qualified leads.
  • We then structured a clear Information Architecture (IA) for the website, mapping out key pages and navigation to ensure visitors find information swiftly, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • With the IA in place, our copywriter established a brand voice and tone that aligns with Intraworks’ friendly nature and resonates with their target demographic. Using this brand voice, we crafted accessible and persuasive web copy designed to help readers understand technical concepts and encourage them to take specific actions.
  • For web design and layout, our web designers applied a minimalistic design style called neumorphism, known for its soft, light look with low contrast. We used this style in the primary navigation, calls to action, and breadcrumbs, creating a modern, engaging UI.
  • Because Intraworks lacked photographic assets, our web designers created custom illustrations to avoid generic stock photos that echoed the unique aspects of Intraworks’ services. These illustrations, coupled with a vibrant new color palette derived from their logo, enhanced the site’s visual appeal and user engagement.
  • Our web developers built a fully custom WordPress website that’s responsive across desktop and mobile devices. They integrated interactive features like a chat bubble for instant communication, animated buttons for a dynamic user experience, and a custom form to streamline customer inquiries.
  • Once the website was launched, our digital marketing team launched a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. We set up event tracking and defined primary conversion points as goals within Google Analytics allowing for detailed performance analysis and strategic adjustments. We then conducted a thorough cleanup and optimization of Intraworks Google My Business account to improve local search visibility and accuracy.
  • Our digital marketing team continues to support Intraworks by leveraging Google Search Ads. Ongoing optimization of the search campaigns include refining keywords, adjusting bids, and adding extensions for improved performance.
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