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Macon Industries Inc.
Excavating an old website to create a modern look.
Parksville, BC

Macon Industries Inc. is a leading team of experts specializing in international diamond core drilling and mining solutions. And they’ve been a partner of Array’s since 2009. Over the years, we’ve designed and developed different iterations of their website to help them stay current and adapt to their growth. This year they were due for another upgrade, so we redesigned their website with a new structure and look to help streamline their user experience and attract new leads.

What did we do?
Copy Review & Editing
Digital Marketing
Information Architecture Development
Responsive Website Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
UI/UX Design
Website Design & Programming
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • To help attract more qualified leads, our digital marketing team ran a keywords analysis to optimize search engine results. We strategically integrated top choice keywords throughout the website to help Macon rank better and designed a landing page to get prospective clients to take action faster.
  • Our graphic design team moved away from the original white background and darkened the website to better align with their target audience. We used bursts of bright orange and large content blocks to create contrast and balance across all pages.
  • Our web development team built a responsive website that’s both mobile and desktop-friendly. They added customized features into the backend that gives Macon the ability to add or remove content blocks as needed as well as the ability to swap between video or image uploads.
  • We designed intuitive navigation to get users to the right information quickly and set the site in motion using animated hover states. Our graphic designers also created a customized product comparison chart to visually showcase how Macon’s products function.
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