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Marson Elk Lake
Introducing a new lakeside lifestyle in Saanich’s most sought-after community.
Saanich, BC

Marson Elk Lake is an up-and-coming development in Saanich, B.C. brought to you by our long-time client Mike Geric Construction. Featuring 242 homes, the new condo is nestled in the forest, just steps from Beaver and Elk Lake. In need of a robust and flexible marketing strategy, our team of graphic designers, digital marketers, and web developers collaborated to deliver a full real estate marketing package.

What did we do?
Custom Illustration & Iconography
Digital Marketing
Logo Design
Responsive Website Graphic Design
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • Our graphic design team kicked the project off with a logo design to set the foundation for Marson Elk Lake’s brand identity. The logo is inspired by the surrounding landscape and features composite and geometric elements. Balancing straight and curving lines, the logo evokes feelings of community, stability, and unity. We chose a sans-serif typeface with circular elements as well as the colours Deep Teal and Golden Earth to maintain wholeness and consistency throughout the design.
  • Using the established brand identity, our graphic designers created a branded letterhead. The letterhead can be used for communicating important details to potential homebuyers and creates a great first impression as an initial brand touchpoint. Our graphic design team also used the branded letterhead to design floorplans and floorplates that can be easily printed and handed out to potential homebuyers.
  • To build curiosity in the area and in the project, our graphic designers put together branded flags and site signage. Not only was this a cost-effective way to build interest, but it also offered 24-hour advertising without being intrusive. Potential homebuyers could easily spot the location from the main highway and get clear directions on how to access the site.
  • While the logo design was in progress, a presentation centre for Marson Elk Lake was under construction. Once completed, our graphic designers prepped presentation wall graphics that create an immersive and educational experience for potential homebuyers looking for more info. The graphics feature a branded map of the area, information on amenities, and details about the Mike Geric Construction team.
  • To start building interest online and gather early registrations, our web designers created a single-page website with clear call-to-action buttons and steps to fill out the registration form. Our web developers programmed the site to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Because the development is still in progress, our graphic designers created custom illustrations that are used both online and in print. These create visual illustrations that connect to the brand where photography is lacking to help potential homebuyers visualize their life at Marson Elk Lake.
  • With all the marketing pieces in place, our digital marketing team launched a digital marketing campaign to generate interest in the development, and ultimately, increase registration. The team put together targeted social media ads and a Google Search campaign that spoke directly to Marson Elk Lake’s ideal target market.
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