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For The Good of The Wild
Attracting tourists to the North Island with a sustainable tourism campaign.
Vancouver Island, BC

Vancouver Island North Tourism (VINT) is a community management organization and official source of travel information for the Vancouver Island North region in B.C. Looking to attract more travelers to the area, the VINT team wanted to run a digital marketing campaign that would emphasize the eco-conscious nature of the communities and educate visitors on sustainable travel best practices in a fun and friendly way. They reached out to the Array Team to help execute a digital marketing strategy that would include web design, web development, and graphic design assets for online marketing.

What did we do?
Digital Assets
Logo Design
Responsive Website Graphic Design
Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising
Strategic Campaign Planning
Tagline & Slogan Development
UI/UX Design
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • To make the campaign stand out, we developed the campaign slogan “For The Good of Our Wild.” Short and to the point, this slogan offers visitors the why of the campaign. It aims to inspire and invoke positive feelings by affirming the relationship between locals and the natural landscape.
  • Using the existing VINT brand and the new slogan, our graphic designers created a logo using a bold and modern type treatment with a balance of verticle and horizontal elements to create an eye-catching visual. The icon features natural elements from the north island and features a distressed texture that looks weathered, mimicking the wild environments of the region.
  • To meet the campaign objective for visitors to travel responsibly and sustainably, our web design and web development team put together a landing page that guides the reader to Take The Wild Pledge. This is a promise to practice responsible tourism and journey with care when visiting local communities, businesses, Indigenous communities, and natural environments. The page guides the reader to interact with six pledges and sign their name as the final Call-To-Action. Once signed, the user is offered a free and customized social media graphic to download and share across their social platforms.
  • Our copywriting team crafted six pledges and custom-tailored messaging to guide the reader through the web design. Content is easy to read and skimmable using headlines, bulleted lists, and easy-to-follow button language.
  • With a campaign landing page in place, our digital marketing team executed a pay per click campaign with both static and animated ads to help create campaign awareness and reach a wider audience.
  • To support local businesses and community members, our graphic designers and copywriters collaborated to create a stakeholder toolkit with supporting copy on how to participate in the campaign and social media assets that they can use to help promote the pledge.
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