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Positive Dog
Creating pawsitive experiences for you and your best friend.
Nanaimo, BC

Positive Dog, led by accredited dog behaviour consultant Christina Young, helps people improve their relationships with their dogs through positive reinforcement-based methods and a comprehensive approach to training. Looking to revitalize her brand, Christina partnered with our marketing agency to develop a rebranding strategy to help her further evolve her business and put new energy into her brand.

What did we do?
Brand Collateral
Brand Standards
Logo Design
Tagline & Slogan Development
Visual Identity System
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • The logo design features a silhouette of a dog inside the negative space of the letter “P” for “Positive.” With a raised nose and ears, the dog appears obedient, confident and attentive, creating positive reinforcement for the brand and services. For the font, our graphic design team opted for uppercase typography with subtle rounded corners to create an easy-to-read font that conveys feelings of positivity, friendliness and strong leadership.
  • As someone that helps people improve their relationships and quality of life with their dogs, Christina was looking for the right messaging that speaks to her brand’s purpose and resonates with her target audience. Focusing on the journey of pet ownership, we set out to craft a simple statement that summarized the core values of the brand – Building bonds for life.
  • A brand identity guidelines provide Positive Dog with the information and tools they need to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints, including colour palettes, typography, logo variations, and other visual elements.
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