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Town of Port McNeill
Keeping residents of a small and growing community connected online.
Port McNeill, BC

The Town of Port McNeill is a northeastern community located on Vancouver Island with plenty of room to move, breathe and grow. Known for beautiful beaches, rugged mountain trails, and coastal rainforests, Port McNeill offers an affordable outdoor lifestyle for residents, setting itself apart as a place to live and visit. Recognizing their website was in need of an upgrade, they approached Array to help design and build a website that could clearly articulate important information to residents and make a great first impression for anyone looking to invest in the community.

What did we do?
Website Design & Programming
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • Port McNeill had an existing logo but no other brand assets to support their visual identity. We created a primary and secondary colour palette and created custom hand-drawn typography based on their existing logo assets and west coast roots. We then thoughtfully integrated this throughout the site.
  • We established content hierarchy using clear and intuitive categories, links, and drop-down menus that are also reflected in the footer.
  • Added a search bar to the top-level navigation to get residents and visitors to relevant information fast.
  • Designed unique textures that resonate with the natural elements of the logo and included colourful hover states to keep the website visually engaging.
  • Developed the site to be desktop and mobile-friendly to keep residents connected on all devices.
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