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Vancouver Island North Tourism
Turning inspired travellers into North Island explorers.
Vancouver Island North

When Vancouver Island North Tourism (VINT) set out to rebrand and inspire a new wave of adventurous travellers to their region’s hidden gems, the team at Array was eager to help. Through a comprehensive rebranding effort, we aimed to infuse their organization with fresh energy that would entice travellers to step off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the raw, picturesque beauty of Vancouver Island North. Revitalizing their identity with market research, one-of-a-kind logo design, custom web design and development, and a brand awareness campaign, we aimed to awaken the spirit of adventure and transform online lookers into bookers.

What did we do?
Brand Collateral
Brand Messaging and Tone
Brand Standards
Copy Review & Editing
Custom Illustration & Iconography
Custom Plug-in & Functionality
Information Architecture Development
Logo Design
Market Analysis
Marketing Assets
Responsive Website Graphic Design
Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising
Search Engine Optimization
Strategic Campaign Planning
UI/UX Design
Website Design & Programming
Wordpress & Shopify CMS Development
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • We kicked-off our brand strategy with a stakeholder survey. Engaging with local residents, tourism partners, and key stakeholders gave us essential insights into Vancouver Island North’s diverse culture, attractions, and tourism opportunities. Their collective input provided us with a holistic understanding of the region and local communities, helping us create a brand strategy that genuinely and authentically reflects the values, identity, and aspirations of the local population and tourists alike.
  • In our logo design, organic imagery of sea stacks, trees, waves, trails, and weathered textures represent Vancouver Island North’s unique landscapes and natural wonders. The stacked structure of the icon naturally draws the eyes to the northern tip of the graphic, reminiscent of Vancouver Island North’s position on Vancouver Island. Serving as the focal point, we use the jagged lines of the shapes to imitate naturally occurring ridgelines, evoking a sense of ruggedness and adventure, and use flowing lines and curled elements to mimic topographic lines that create a connection to the region’s coastal roots.
  • Tailor-made for travellers seeking authentic wilderness experiences, we revamped VINT’s online presence with a custom web design filled with eye-catching photography, video clips, and an interactive itinerary explorer tool that allows users to plan their adventures with ease. Complete with a searchable, filterable stakeholder listings system, and a “favourites” tool for saving activities and businesses, users can curate their own personalized lists that align with their interests for an unforgettable trip.
  • The Homepage features custom iconography designed to convey the unique attractions and culture of Vancouver Island, and an interactive banner that entices interaction and encourages users to delve deeper into the website. Crowdriff was seamlessly integrated to allow the VINT team to easily include user-generated articles and social media posts into the site. To ensure no surprises during their stay and to maintain safety, we also included custom weather and tide feeds that offer up-to-date and pertinent information for enhanced trip planning.
  • digital marketing brand awareness campaign introduced social media users to Vancouver Island North’s breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and unforgettable experiences, with over 1.5 million ad impressions captured.
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