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Alchemy Adornment
A handcrafted e-commerce solution for handcrafted jewelry manufacturers.
Nanaimo, B.C.

Alchemy Adornment is a Vancouver Island-based manufacturer that creates custom, expressive gold body jewelry that celebrates the extraordinary in everyone. Looking to modernize their e-commerce sales experience for wholesale customers, they partnered with our web designers and web developers to produce a completely unique, industry specific online jewelry building and purchase system.

What did we do?
Copywriting Strategy & Planning
eCommerce Systems
Narrative Tone Development
Responsive Website Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
UI/UX Design
Visual Identity System
Website Design & Programming
How Did We Help Them Out?
  • Our digital marketing team kicked things off with a Keyword Analysis and Information Architecture to ensure market language is used and that the site is designed from a user-first perspective.
  • Using Alchemy Adornment’s existing brand, our award-winning web designers completely modernized Alchemy’s digital presence, pairing interactivity with a clean, professional style. To ensure ease of use and readability, the website is designed to scale to any sized device.
  • The site revolves around wholesale customers, with pricing and product fine details hidden to anonymous visitors and only shown to logged in, approved wholesale clients.
  • To power the ecommerce, our web developers programmed a customized product builder to allow the Alchemy team to easily control their product combinations and specify the gemstone slots on each piece. Editors can then set the rules for gemstone sizes and categories that fit into each slot.
  • For the customer purchasing in the ecommerce store, the website automatically finds the matching gems according to the rules set by editors. The customer can then choose the exact gemstone and cut for each slot on the jewelry.
  • Because product pricing is based on the cost of gold, our programming team developed the site with an automated system that checks live market costs per ounce for metals, updating prices accordingly each night. On checkout, pricing recalculates to ensure items added to the cart on previous days have up-to-date pricing.
  • To streamline the manufacturing process, the custom ecommerce system was set up to send orders to a third party manufacturing software, which is then used by the Alchemy team to track raw materials and complete the custom orders.
  • For retail customers looking to purchase Alchemy Adornment’s products for personal use, our programming team designed and programmed an interactive retailer map that is quickly updated and managed via CSV upload. This simplifies map management whenever a new retailer joins. Users can then search the uploaded retailers list by location and distance.
  • To ensure a smooth transition for existing customers, our web development team took their old site’s existing user database and seamlessly imported it into the new site. Customers have the ability to log in with their original username and password.
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