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This is how we do it: The Array Approach

When you come to us, your project becomes ours, too. And that ownership makes us tenacious problem-solvers who are fully engaged in the success of every single project. Learn about the Array approach to branding, web development, creating a marketing plan, and more.

We discover.

Every project kick-off starts with an exploratory meeting. We’re eager to listen and learn all about you, your organization, and your pains, problems, successes, goals, and vision.

We plan.

A timeline is established, with key milestones identified. We’re realistic yet flexible - if at all possible, we’re sticking to the plan, but easily maneuver around change.

We research.

The best decisions are educated ones. We immerse ourselves into examining your briefing documentation, your past efforts, your industry and its standards and expectations.

We strategize.

Throughout the process, our wheels are always turning and churning out ideas. Every element of your marketing plan and project has its own distinct objective, while being a crucial piece to the overall puzzle.

We conceptualize.

Targets are identified, opportunities found, and all obstacles considered. While creating first drafts of marketing plans, we explore how we want things to look, feel and work, its characteristics and the distinct message.

We collaborate.

Ideas are bounced off each other, and feedback is taken and given, from you and our team. Though some may call them heated, our impassioned internal discussions happen because we care and are focused on our shared goal.

We learn.

If things aren't going right, it's time to switch it up. We try new things, take every opportunity to improve, and educate ourselves on industry standards, best practices, and slick new trends.

We execute.

It's time to get down to business! We stimulate our brains with some killer tunes, give our fingers a good stretch, and bust it out. Solid groundwork has been laid - now we achieve your goals.

We inform.

You'll know what's up with your project. We teach you how to update your website, provide rationale for our expert decisions, report on results, and touch base throughout the whole process.

See how the Array approach works for our clients!

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