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Supporting our community makes our hearts happy.

Our company got its start here in Nanaimo, and it’s still our home today. It’s only right to give back to those who are the reason we are where we’re at today. We’ve worked with organizations in the arts, economic development, and those that are passionate about enhancing and showcasing what makes us great as a community.

Every year, we allocate a portion of our budget to providing marketing for non-profit organizations and pro-bono services to a limited selection of groups and organizations. Are you a non-profit or do you have a community project you’d like us to support?

Community Projects

Nanaimo Museum
Children’s Bookfest
The Kids Conference
Nanaimo Region Rail Trail
VI Raiders
Leadership VI

Why we love VIEA:

Our team has been involved with the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) longer than Array has been around! Our team was part of the business that initially created the brand and website – and later, as Array, sponsored with both the first rebuild and the second rebuild moving the system to WordPress.

With years of working with them, attending the State of the Island Summit, we are glad to see VIEA promoting our region across Canada and helping to cross-pollinate the economies of all cities and towns on the island. With each iteration of their website, they have been able to drastically increase the volume of economic and regional information available online and see a significant increase in member signups.

“VIEA has been working with Array Web + Creative for a number of years—first to design and build our original site 6-7 years ago; then to host and administer our site, and now to completely redevelop our site with up-to-date technology. The Array team is a pleasure to work with—friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and, of course, creative.”

-  George Hanson
President, VIEA

Why we love MIBI:

Mid Island Business Initiative (MIBI) is passionate about providing privately funded economic development opportunities, and we learned about this project from our existing business relationships with many of the MIBI members, including John Hankins, the organization’s CEO. As current sponsors and members of the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, we are connected to and invested in the economic success of our region.

Together, we crafted a strong initial brand presence, website, and marketing from the ground up. The MIBI team gave us significant creative license with this project and the opportunity to provide input and give shape to the economic information that would be helpful to prospective businesses and entrepreneurs interested in our region. making it all the more rewarding.

Why we love Nanaimo Museum: 

Nanaimo Museum was on the hunt for a company to rebuild their website and redesign some of their print pieces, but they were finding it difficult to fit their needs and requirements within their limited budget.

Their entire team was an absolute pleasure to work with! We are emotionally invested in our community, and seeing the arts and culture thrive – and the museum is such a huge component of that. It was an honour to enhance their web presence and help to increase the number of visitors. We were excited to see their web traffic increase drastically as a result of the new website.

Why we love Children’s Bookfest:

Our team is made up of passionate parents and avid readers – this community partnership was a natural match!

Children’s Bookfest was referred to us by a friend of Array, and they approached us with a request to support with the design of their event poster. Utilizing a beautiful illustration done by a local children’s book artist, we added our special touches with hand-drawn typography and a keen eye for organizing information in a logical and visually pleasing.

We saved their board member time and energy – which we all know volunteers can run short on – and helped to establish a logotype and text format for their posters in the future.

Why we love The Kids Conference:

Many members of the Array family are parents, so causes that support children are really close to our hearts.

We have an existing relationship with the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, so we were thrilled to help out with their new initiative. The team behind the Kids Conference are beyond lovely and enthusiastic, and we genuinely love bringing our own kids and participating as vendors.

We created a brand, website, and marketing materials to help them get their project up and running. The event has grown substantially, is well attended, and the third Kids Conference is happening in 2018!

Why we love NRRT:

This exciting project involves many different organizations and individuals across Nanaimo who are passionate about getting people outside.

Thanks to an existing business relationship with one of the members of the Nanaimo Region Rail Trail committee, we were approached to help bring it to life. Once we were informed about the idea to create a walking and biking trail across the entire Nanaimo region, we were more than happy to jump on board.

The fun, interactive website engaged the community and built awareness of the project, while the design of the sponsorship package and associated collateral helped their team to nail down additional sponsors.

Why we love

The result of another existing, successful business relationship, we were approached by Norman Blattgerste to craft a brand for a group who wanted to showcase the incredible place we get to call home. Hand-drawn typography is one of our favourite things to do, and his enthusiasm for promoting what’s great about living and doing business here was infectious!

The brand we created really helped to promote awareness and provide a professional direction for their initiative with a consistent element across all of their various touch points.

Why we love VI Raiders:

The team at VI Raiders discovered us first, searching us up on Google and filling out the contact form on our website.

Upon meeting with them, we enjoyed their fun enthusiasm, but it was clear that what they needed wasn’t going to fit into their budget. As supporters of organized sports and youth organizations, we thought this was a great cause to give back to, and a great fit for us.

We created a VI Raiders website that is a great tool for recruitment and allows them to keep their fans and players up to date on events, training, games, and stats.

Why we love Leadership VI:

Leadership VI is a non-profit community organization largely run by volunteers, one of whom was an Array team member.

They needed a new web presence, but after establishing their project goals and needs, we realized their actual requirements were out of scope for their smaller scale budget. At that point, we agreed to support the program – we even put two our of team members through their 2016-2017 class! We enjoyed the chance to get to know the community leaders and mentors involved in the organization who believe in building up others and their community.

Their newly designed and restructured website helped them organize their marketing message, and improve the online flow for registrations and inquiries.

Our work has been recognized internationally.

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